Sunday, January 19, 2014

From 2013 to 2014

With Lili & Richard. (C) Nanette Gonzales, LA Weekly
I'm a little late with my annual review of all things Snapper. I've been seduced by the world of hockey, and I spend a nice amount of my down time watching Kings games live or on television. (By "down time" I mean I'm eating, working out, or sewing while I watch. Going to games is like a vacation from my "down time" work.)

Here's what 2013 held for me:
Hollywood Burlesque Festival (C) SH Photo 2013
  • 50 performances in 39 shows. One show and one performance less than 2012, but 2013 was a big year for me otherwise. I focused on quality and longevity last year. This totals 372 performances in the six years I've been doing burlesque (at the end of 2012).
  • Taught lots of privates. I also taught in Las Vegas and Hot Springs. I taught at Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa Regional Gathering, What Katie Did on Melrose, and Hollywood Burlesque Festival.
  • Performed in two inaugural festivals: Las Vegas Burlesque Festival and Hollywood Burlesque Festival.
  • Short touring hops to Dallas twice, Hot Springs twice, Ft. Worth, Houston, and Las Vegas (a short tour before their festival). I love seeing friends and family and making new friends when I travel. It's great to see these folks at least once a year.
  • Continuing education. In 2013 I took classes with Stephanie Blake and Tiffany Carter. I returned to Slimmons after some time away. I also returned to ballet. I continue to work with a choreographer to help me shape some of my ideas for better presentation. I completed two online sewing classes via Craftsy: handbag design & construction and tailoring.
  • Improvements in the workshop.  I got a serger! I've been able to tailor a 2012 Kings Stanley Cup tee, make a couple pieces of lingerie, work on the husband's Batman cape, and slap a finishing edge on a wedding dress with it so far. I turned my home desk into a cutting table with a big cutting mat. I bought a pair of Gingher thread nippers, and took advantage of the notions sales at Joann Fabrics to get pattern weights and a rotary cutter for detail. I stocked up on silamide and made a pressing ham. Andrew got a new drill for fan staves and headdresses.
  • Created two new acts, revamped an act from late 2012, made the mermaid tail, and created the Rewedding dress. We had to rework some of the choreography to make the Rewedding dress fit the "Skin" choreography, but it worked brilliantly.
  • I was part of the burlesque theater scene for James Franco's upcoming Bukowski film.  I chorographed, costumed, and performed. It was a fun day of shooting. I don't know when the film will be released or how much of me you'll actually see, but it was a wonderful experience.
  • Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Andrew and I were on the producer team for over a year, and last year there was enough momentum in the community and determination from Exec Producer Lili vonSchtupp to get it off the ground. This event took up most of the last quarter of the year. We made headdresses, created web content, performed in fundraisers, sought sponsors, and watched tons of submission videos. I embellished the costumes for the finale, served as finale understudy, choreographed the two waves of community dancers who joined the showgirls in the finale, and made garments for fundraiser auctions. I coordinated weekly visits to Slimmons for the burlesque community and liased with sponsor and friend Richard Simmons. (His mother Shirley was a fan dancer. I had the joy of making white feather fans like Shirley's for him.) Performing, teaching, working with the judges -- it was quite an event. I'm lucky to have been part of the entire event. I've been a little lame on the blog front since the event because it was so intense!
  • The Rewedding. That was quite an accomplishment for me last year. I've waxed on and on about how amazing it was. That's because it was amazing.
    With Glama Sutra, Prix de Beaute & James Franco
     I would remarry Mr. Snapper every day if I could. If you haven't watched the video, it'll give you a big smile.
What's in the works for 2014?
  • An instructional video. I'll give more details as I get closer to production. It will be unique and fun. This will probably be my first crowd-funded endeavor.
  • Tour hops to Arkansas and Texas. Maybe a couple more festivals. I'm performing at the Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston on my birthday, then Mr. Snapper and I are performing at Southwest Burlesque Showcase the following weekend.
  • A brief European tour. I'm plotting and planning with my tour mate so we can make it happen. I'll announce tour dates when everything is secured. Plans are for autumn.
  • Hollywood Burlesque Festival! We're bringing you more awesome this year.
  • More new skills. I've enrolled in an online class on speedy sewing techniques. Still working on the ballet (I have dreams of doing pointe work eventually), and still hitting Slimmons.
  • I'd like to get published again. I have to investigate what to do to make that happen.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Topless Vlog #39

Vlog is here!

I check in after a show. The Kings replay is on, so I'm a bit distracted.

1/25 Boylesque Vs. Burlesque