Sunday, January 30, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Nudie Photo Shoot in Ft. Worth

Friday morning I did a photo shoot with Dynamite Dames in Ft. Worth. We were going for a very specific nude theme, and we had to shoot outside. The weather was fantastic, but we had to shoot in an urban area so we had to get clever with masking the nudity so I didn't get arrested and miss my Friday night show.

So what do you do with a naked girl on a street corner when you're trying to shoot photos? You take test shots of the model in some fabulous & easy-to-remove John Mayer sweats. You get a team to standby with props and a blanket to block the actual shoot from passersby. When the coast is relatively clear, the clothes come off and the shutter clicks like mad. Of course, you still might get some traffic.

I realized I'm publicly naked so much I really need a special robe for this sort of thing.

Hair by Vintage Flair, makeup by Vivienne Vermouth, sweats by John Mayer.
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Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Dr. Sketchy's Denton

A surprisingly nice, yet naughty night, of drinking and drawing delight! Our very first model, Zamra Dollskin, will be joined by our furthest away model, Red Snapper, to bring you a duo of posing that will leave you wandering... who's naughty now... We'll start at 5 this time! As usual, drinking, drawing, dames and games with the impeccably handsome E Pax as our emcee! Come, bring some buds, and let's draw! 10 to get in, 5 with with a valid student ID!

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Eff U-Turns

Last night I danced in San Antonio for the first time. It was an adventure. We had no problem finding our hotel an the outskirts of town, but the 15 minute drive to the venue turned into a 50-minute adventure with 10 U-turns. We couldn't find the venue because we expected a street sign based on Google maps and Mapquest. We finally figured out it was an industrial-looking complex we'd passed twice.

Forty minutes late for call time, we arrived in a fluster and the lobby was already filling with patrons. Dancers were deep in their preparations in the dressing room, so not everyone was as chatty as I usually expect in the dressing room. I found out later that night that there were some debut performers, and I'm sure they were concentrating on their choreography in their heads when we arrived. The other performers were much more chatty after the show started.

The show was wonderful. I got to watch most of it from the wings of their capacious and awesome theatre. They had inconspicuous seating for the performers in the house, but I was wearing costumes that didn't really lend themselves to sitting. The crew was delightful and the audience was loud and friendly. My friend from Austin made it to the show!

I had a great time in San Antonio. I'm up bright and early to make the trek up to Denton to model some latex for Dr. Sketchy's now.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Stars and Garters Burlesque

Stars and Garters is back at the lovely Sterling Houston Theater inside the Jump Start Performance Company at the Blue Star Art Complex.  Expect over 2 hours of burlesque, comedy, music and a whole lot more!  We are still finalizing the line-up but we can confirm that this show will feature performances from Big Star Burlesque, The Scarlet Darlings, San Antonio's diva of drag Mikalya Skyy, and, of course, Stars and Garters BurlesqueJoining our lineup for this one-night event is Vivienne Vermuth and Brigitte Noir of Denton, Texas, and all the way from sunny Los Angeles, Ms. Red Snapper!  All this for just $15.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Broads & Panties 1 Year Anniversary

Come celebrate our 1st birthday! We have brought some of the most amazing burlesque, sideshow and more to entertain you like only the Broads can! We are bringing back the amazing RED SNAPPER from Los Angeles, as well as LILLITH GREY of the Gloryhole Girls and SCARLETTE SWITCHES of the Lollie Bombs! We will also showcase the talents of DORIAN D'MUERTA, ALYSTRE McQUEEN, BRIGITTE NOIR, CHRISTINA CARNALITY, PIXIE O'KNEEL AND HER SWORD, MELISSA MEAOW (of the Ruby Revue), VIVIENNE VERMUTH, LEXA LUSTY and more to be announced! We will be partying at the world famous TREES! Doors at 7, show at 9, and dance party to continue 'til they kick us out! We will also feature PIN CURL magazine and MADAME FIERY clothing, so come check them out! 15 in advance at (coming soon!) 20 at the door! We'll see you there!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tape O Plenty

Last time I flew to Dallas with my feather fans, i got a giant box at the last minute. I rigged the inside so my fans wouldn't shift and filled the box with shoes and costume pieces. That afforded me more space in my luggage but the box was an absolute bitch to drag to the counter and from baggage claim.

This time I used a couple triangle boxes given to me by Jason at Fabulous Feathers. I turned them inside so you couldn't see what company provided him with the boxes. I taped the boxes together so they'd count as a single piece of luggage, and I slid my fan bags inside. I taped the top down only to have the airline open the boxes to inspect them before the TSA opened them again. I also clearly marked the outside of the box so I wouldn't have to explain to the ticketing agent what was inside.

I prefer this solution. I was able to snatch up the box single-handed as it was disappearing on the luggage carousel for another round of fun.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Merch

I'll have merch available at my Texas shows to help subsidize the cost of my trip and leave my new friends with mementos. I have stock of the styles and colors of pasties shown available for $10 a pair. I've also donated a pair of pasties for a raffle at the Dallas show.

I'll also have "Snapper Does Texas" buttons for $2 each. My wonderful friend Chris Beyond is designing and making them for me.

Be sure to say hi if you make it out to one of my shows there!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 5/100 - Intermediate/Advanced Pole

Last night we worked on climbing and climbing spins in class. Climbing is much easier in shoes, but you have to learn barefoot to have good technique. This is my reminder of how tough climbing was five years ago. This bruise is going to ripen to a nice dark purple, become olive, then fade through a series of yellows. The first time back at it hurts. My thighs are also bruised, meaning no pole class next week so I don't look abused when I arrive in Texas.

I'm having a tough time getting in ten classes this month when I'm also teaching three classes and touring. I need to develop a better strategy.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

NYSB Classic Moves With Red Snapper

New York School of Burlesque CLASSIC MOVES with Red Snapper: Learn the sexy shimmy, the tantalizing glove peel, the devastating bump n grind, and the dazzling tassel-twirl. Gloves, boas and pasties will be provided to borrow in class.

January 22nd, 2011 3:30pm-5:00pm $30

Dress comfortably and wear a backhook, standard bra with padded cups. Toplessness (with pasties) is part of the routine. Ladies only.

You must RSVP to by January 20th. Class is limited to 12 students.

Studio A Dance
2305 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 4/100 - Hypnotic

I had another Hypnotic class yesterday morning - slow, sexy moves.  We worked on the floor, the walls, and work in the center of the room.  I also got a great workout of my quads and inner thighs.  My body is gradually getting back into the habit of slowing my dance moves down.  I'm hopeful that I can roll this influence into my next big number.


Here are a couple photos Dan Hendricks shot at last week's Monday Night Tease!

You may notice that the pastie I'm wearing is flush with my skin.  Makeup artist extraordinaire made some last minute pasties for me out of fashion nipple petals and makeup.  Pretty cool, huh?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 3/100 - Intermediate/Advanced Pole

This is me in 2006.  I was fit and pretty damn good on the pole.  I took pole several times a week for nearly four months when this photo was shot.  Then I took pole at least once a week from this point until the beginning of 2008 when I got busy as a burlesque dancer.  I was injured in mid-2008 and stopped doing pole as frequently.  Needless to say, I'm a bit rusty.

Aphrodite now offers drop-in pole classes perfect for people like me - trained but out of practice.  Last night I took my first pole class in three years.  We started with conditioning (exactly what I needed) to get the body in shape to do cool inversions and stunts.  Then we worked on a couple new tricks, a combination of tricks, and reviewed some of the basic spins.  I'm really looking forward to next week's class.

Of course, right now I'm sore everywhere.  Saturday's class worked my hips and back.  Sunday's teaching worked my abs and back.  Monday's show worked my legs.  Last night's class worked my arms and shoulders.  I'm very happy that today is my day of rest.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Night Tease! presents Lili's Laugh-In

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Monday Night Tease! presents:

Lili’s Laugh-In

Join Los Angeles' longest running weekly burlesque show for a parody of that wonderful 60's whackadoo of a TV show... Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. It's a 60's style shimmy shaking party complete with a wall of jokes and neon painted go-go girls.

Hosted by:
Patrick The Bank Robber & Mr Snapper

Lux LaCroix (Miss Exotic World 2008, First Runner Up)
Dizzy Von Damn! (Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008)
Anita Cookie
Marial a la Mode
Lili VonSchtupp
Lindsay Benner

Red Snapper
Isabella Star
Wolfgang Wolfwistle as Uncle Al

Tuba as Tiny Tim

Plus surprise guests!

Bar Opens: 6pm
Seating Starts: 9:30pm
Show Starts: 10pm

Cover charge for January 10th, 2011



Ask about our Sino Tequila drink specials!
Sino Tequila

3 Clubs
1123 Vine St.
(Vine at Santa Monica)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

No photography. Performers subject to change without notice.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Down & Dirty With Red Snapper

I'm teaching in Silverlake today.  This class is great for any level.  It deals with slow moves and floor work.  I can still take a couple more students at the door. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Class 2/100: Hypnotic

Aphrodite has drop-in packages! I had to stop my pole dance training through Aphrodite in early 2008 because I got so busy with gigs and I helped start a theatre company. I could no longer do series classes because of my schedule. With the drop-in option for pole and floor work, I'm gleeful that I can return.

Today I attended Hypnotic, a class with varying content of floor and chair work, the focus being slow sexuality. Since I work in a city where most numbers must be four minutes or less, I needed my own refresher as a student and performer to slow things down. Our class dealt specifically with floor work this morning. I got in a wonderful stretch and was able to accommodate my sore neck while doing the moves. We covered a few different moves and then wove them together into a simple choreography. It was the perfect class for me right now. I look forward to returning next Saturday.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dance Class 1/100: Cowboy Dances

I joined the Glendale Moose Lodge in December. One of the big draws for me (besides the large performance spaces brimming with possibilities) was the weekly ballroom dance classes. At $8 per class for Moose members, Mr. Snapper and I had to take a class tonight. We enjoy learning ballroom dance together and it increases our dueting skills.

We were three minutes late to class, which seemed more like we were ten minutes late. We took a position in the back of the room and caught up on the Cowboy Cha Cha. This was the first ballroom class where we danced around the room. There are no mirrors in the ballroom so it helped for us to learn from the back of the room where we could watch other dancers. We got the hang of the combination because we took swing in December.

With fifteen minutes left in class, we switched to the Cowboy Ten-Step Polka (Texas Ten-Step). It's a lot like a hand jive for your feet. My brain went into puzzle solving mode until I got the sequence down. I don't know how people can converse and do this dance at the same time.

They have an open floor for ballroom dancing after class but we had to split. One thing that really sets this class apart is the handouts. The instructor has handouts of the dances we learned tonight that include the origin of each dance and the choreography. I'm totally into that sort of thing.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Letter Follies: January Edition

It's time for another night of burlesque at Star Garden gentlemen's club in North Hollywood.  See my new fan dance and my stocking number that last appeared at Peepshow Menagerie's fetish show.  Burlesque shows at 10pm and 11:30pm with house dancers in between.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Night Tease!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Monday Night Tease!
Hosted by Mr Snapper & Mr Buddy

burlesque performances by:

Red Snapper
Iona Vibrator
Iza La Vamp
Anita Cookie
Kate Fox
Estella Detrioit

Bar Opens: 6pm 
Seating Starts: 9:30pm 
Show Starts: 10pm 

Cover charge for January 3rd, 2011

Ask about our Sino Tequila drink specials!

3 Clubs 
1123 Vine St. 
(Vine at Santa Monica) 
Los Angeles, CA 90038

No photography. Performers subject to change without notice.

21+, full bar.

Need help?
Email Lili with any questions:

Follow us on twitter: @MNTease
You'll get updates and flyers for discounts.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

From 2010 to 2011

I just completed my third year as a professional burlesque performer.  Holy cow!  Here's what the year held:

  • 84 performances in 68 shows.  This was a record year, especially considering that I decided in June to slow down a bit so I didn't wear myself out.  I did have to cancel on three shows due to illness, and I really hate that I had to do that this year.  I rounded my performances in past years, but the official tally is 213 performances to date.
  • Taught four beginner sessions, Brolesque, private lessons and a holiday choreography class for Striptease Symposium before the school closed its doors at the beginning of December.  It was a wonderful experience and I love that I got to work with so many incredible people.
  • Created less major acts.  I built Mega Costume this year and a new act to go with it.  It was an expensive costume.  I used existing costumes for other new acts, culled a few acts from my repertoire, and I even managed to offload some of my pieces to afford Mega Costume.  I didn't count my new bar acts because they used existing pieces.
  • Performed at three festivals - Hollywood Fringe Festival, Colorado Burlesque Festival and New Orleans Burlesque Festival.
  • Biscuits & Gravy Tour in Texas - I danced in Ft. Worth, Austin, and did Dr. Sketchy's Denton.  I also taught in Texas.  I love the South!
  • Even more study.  I challenged myself with the November 10 & December 10.  I took yoga, tap, hip hop, chair dance,  swing and dance history.  I also took a law & media class.  I studied with Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey and Michelle L'amour at COBF.  I took classes with Lola von Ella, Dolly Rivas, Jo Boobs and Catherine d'Lish at NOBF.  I also reconnected with my earliest striptease teacher, Gabrielle of Aphrodite Strip N Pole.
  • Stopped producing my own show.  I enjoyed Sassy Classy while it lasted, but I decided to end it because I lost my venue (which was a sweetheart deal financially) and couldn't find the ideal venue for the show.
  • Danced for Quentin Tarantino at a private party.  Mr. Snapper and I were hailed for our "spot-on" performance of Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest (by the man himself to Chris Beyond, about an hour after we left).  That was a phenomenal experience.
So what will 2011 hold?  Here are a few of my goals:
  • Three festivals and four other states.  I'm visiting Texas again at the end of this month.  I'm performing in the Southwest Burlesque Expo in February.  Mr. Snapper and I are both performing in Las Vegas in March.  I'm trying to set something up for Arkansas for May, and I hope to visit Portland in the fall.
  • Teaching as my own entity.  I have two of my own classes lined up for this month.  I'm also teaching New York School of Burlesque's Classic Moves this month.  I'm presenting at the Mensa convention in February.  I may substitute and teach specialty classes for other local burlesque schools, but most of my teaching and coaching will be on my own.
  • Take 100 dance classes.  I have to get two classes done this week so I'm on target for the year.  This will give me even stronger dance technique.
  • Revamped website.  I need to find the right web designer for me.
  • New event costume and two song choreography.  I've got something new and exciting in the works on this one, and I'm conspiring with the wonderful Evie Lovelle again.
Thank you for your support in 2010.  Let's grow old together, shall we?