Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Mini-Tour of House of Blues

You probably get the impression that I had fun at House of Blues.  You are correct.  Let me give you a little tour of the place before the show started.  (I'm still hoping to find someone with photos of me from the show.)

This is the artist entrance.  This is where the rock stars arrive.  You can see how I classed up the place with my sweaty hair from the dance class I had with Kellita no more than an hour before.

This is the exterior of the building from the street.  I have another photo I'll share later demonstrating my keen promotion sense in this very location.  I was very impressed that the venue was so close to the hotel.

This is the sign that was overloaded with incredible shows for the month of September.  It was stashed in a window at House of Blues near the box office.  You can see on the right the listing for the Burlesque Bash with Catherine D'Lish.  I noticed this the day after the event when I bought a couple souvenirs from the venue.

This is the green room where I made new friends and got ready for the show.  They really took great care of us there.  Incredible hospitality.  Since I was one of the last acts of the night, I spent a considerable amount of time in that room.  I was able to slip out to watch a few of the acts early in the night.  I also hit my head at least three times when coming out of the nook where the makeup mirror was placed.

Lastly we have the main floor of the venue for the audience.  There's a makeshift thrust stage there in the photo (white) but it was gone for the show.  When I went on at 1:30 AM, the floor was still packed with people and the balconies were full.  The acoustics of the venue were awesome.  The cheers sounded so loud!  Not everyone gets this perspective so I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Naked Snapper!

I found out that my performance as the dead Laura Palmer at Peepshow Menagerie's "Beneath the Surface" tribute to David Lynch made a fan message board.  The show was in August and I just found it today.  The writer just summed up the evening for those who didn't make it out, but here's the blurb about me:
Nude Laura Palmer is unwrapped from her plastic by two cops. Then she is rolled back up and they walk away backward. She comes to life, writes BOB in a diary, brushes her hair backward, and puts on lingerie. 
My number was also mentioned in a review by performance artist Chuckles.  This is my blurb from the Peepshow Menagerie blog site:
Laura Palmer came to life from her plastic wrapping and danced in her bedroom with hot teenage underwear and ‘secret red button touching’, and she showed us what was written in her diary.
It's a smidge of press but it tells you what I did.  Special thanks to my cops, Mr. Snapper and Sebastian Kadlecik.

Legends Class: Panel Skirts

About two weeks ago today, I took a panel skirt class from burlesque legend Tee Tee Red.  There were a few numbers at the festival that incorporated panel skirts.  I've been interested in learning how to perform with a panel skirt since I first saw one in a book.  Panel skirts also have that Princess Leia Return of the Jedi appeal.

There were so many things I didn't know about panel skirts before I took the class.  I learned how to properly wear them, how they should be constructed and how to use them for maximum effect.  It was an incredible class.  I learned a lot in the hour we had.  I've started working on a panel skirt number for my December burlesque show.

What I learned from Tee Tee Red were things I could probably never find in a book or video currently on the market.  There's an incredible oral history available only through burlesque legends that needs to be learned by the new generation so we can appreciate our artistic lineage and pass it down to the next generation.  I hope to become the kind of performer that is teaching people about the neo-burlesque movement when she's in her seventies.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Show!

This is the promo for my new show in a theater!  October 4th.  I hope you can make it.  I'll be sure to remind you. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kid in a Candy Store

As I mentioned in my last post, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform at House of Blues in New Orleans.  I grew up listening to live music and went to my first rock concert when I was four or five.  I love going to concerts so this was the perfect place for me.  I took a photo of one of the many walls of bands that sold out the venue before.  Foo Fighters sold out twice.  I love me some Foo Fighters.  (I dance to two Foo Fighters songs.)

Being in such a rock star environment, I felt a little like a rock star myself. I found myself in the bathroom before the show with a Sharpie in my hand. I don't know what happened next, but somehow my name appeared not far above my finger in this photo. You can see a little "Ms. Red Snapper" if you really look. I know rock stars do this sort of thing all the time. The walls and the ceiling of the bathroom were covered with signatures like some kind of crazy yearbook. I think this might be the House of Blues photo I share with my dad.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lancaster Success

I performed in Victory Variety Hour's premier show in Lancaster, CA, on Friday night.  I helped host, ran an audience-participation game and danced two numbers.  It was a mini-tour with the other instructors of Striptease Symposium.  You can see me, Jewel of Denial, Penny Starr, Jr., Big Top (our pick up girl) and our lovely blue-haired hostess who shall remain nameless for the sake of intrigue. :)

Three people in the club had been to a burlesque show before that night.  The audience was so warm, appreciative and interactive.  We had a great time and are planning to return.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Exploring the House of Blues New Orleans

A little more than a week ago I had the extreme pleasure of performing at the House of Blues as part of the New Orleans Burlesque Festival.  One of the joys of performing was getting there early to explore the place before there was an audience.

Many amazing artists have performed at House of Blues.  I felt like I was on hallowed ground.  I have to confess that I was absolutely delighted just to be there.  I almost made snow angels on the floor but I fortunately realized that the floor maybe wasn't very clean.  I did, however, do what any Snapper would do when confronted with a vacant bar; I took off my shirt and posed for a photo.  I hope you enjoy my first trip to House of Blues as much as I did.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cover Girl

I'm the cover girl and centerfold of Chris Beyond's Bootleg Stag Party Volume II.  It's a wonderful collection of naughty music.  Chris is great at crafting liner notes like an old school album.  I really enjoyed the first album and am looking forward to finding the time to listen to this one.

You can't buy this album.  It's only available as a prize at Peepshow Menagerie's monthly show.  Visit the website for details on the next show if you want a copy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Article on David Lynch Burlesque

I performed as the dead Laura Palmer in Peepshow Menagerie's "Beneath the Surface" last month.  My act got a mention in The Guardian UK.

It's almost midnight in downtown Los Angeles and at the Bordello bar, a near-naked woman wrapped in plastic sheeting writhes onstage, gyrating to the theme tune from Twin Peaks.

That was me, near naked yet again.  I hope to have photos soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Burlesque Classes in the Antelope Valley

Saturday classes in Lancaster! Learn to Sashay Like a Showgirl and Twirl Baby Twirl. More details at http://www.bluescarab.org/index_files/burlesque.htm.

 (I'm helping teach tassel twirling.  I hope you can join us!)

Burlesque in the Antelope Valley

Tonight the instructors of Striptease Symposium take it off at the first burlesque show in Lancaster, CA! It’s
a Chick Productions LLC and Blue Scarab studio are proud to bring you
the first ever burlesque show in the Antelope Valley! Join us September
18th at 9:00pm. At the Back Door located at 1255 West Ave. I Lancaster, CA. 93536 for what promises to be an amazing show! Tickets are $10.00 at the door.

(I'm performing my classic 1940's fan dance and the number I performed in New Orleans.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is a rendering of one of my favorite numbers by one of my favorite artists, Sebastian Kadlecik.  I did this number last night to close my evening of hosting at Peepshow Menagerie.  I love this number because it incorporates a number of lessons learned from many teachers.  It's a Foo Fighters song I absolutely love, and it's the only number I have where I get to wear a hoodie.

Last night something happened.  My music was skipping.  I knew the cd worked because I practiced to it in my living room before the show.  I later found out a second cd player was on a the time and it was trying to mix or something.  Anyway, my song kept skipping.  I didn't freak out.  What ran through my head was "If the music stops and I keep going, what happens if the music starts up again and I then have two minutes of music but no clothing left?"  So I played with it.  I tried milking it and making the audience laugh about it because it was pretty hilarious.  If I didn't know the song so well it might have been a real problem.

I think it worked.  People seemed to enjoy it, and the last third of the song didn't skip after the sound guy spotted the problem.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peepshow Menagerie presents Hot For Teacher!

This show is hosted by me because I've studied with every teacher performing.  I'm the embodiment of continuing education.  Opening the show are Mssrs. Snapper & Buddy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Orleans, Here I Come!

I'm performing at New Orleans Burlesque Festival's Burlesque Bash on Saturday at House of Blues. I'm really excited about the whole thing. Here's what I posted on my personal blog when I found out I was accepted:

I've been accepted to perform at the New Orleans Burlesque Fest in September. I'm very excited to bring Red Snapper burlesque to a new city, and I'm also excited to go to New Orleans for the first time ever. (I grew up a few hours from Louisiana but I've never even been to Louisiana.) What's even better is that I'm performing in the late show on September 12th at the House of Blues. Holy shit! John Mayer has performed on that stage!

I submitted a number I put together for Memorial Day - Rosie the Riveter. It's cute and short. The photo to the left was shot by Dan Hendricks. I was going to submit a different number, but the technical aspects of that number (clothing made entirely of paper) were a little too complicated to risk. I'll be working the number the rest of the summer, a nice blend of classic striptease and cutesy comedy.

I've been rehearsing it in my living room a lot so everything is just right.  I'm not competing at this festival, and I'm really happy about that.  I think I'll be able to enjoy myself more by just dancing.

I leave Friday morning and arrive in New Orleans that afternoon.  I look forward to seeing shows, meeting new people, dancing and pigging out on crab cakes.  For updates during my trip, follow me on Twitter (code word: snapperama).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Victory Variety Hour presents FOOD FIGHT!

LA’s own “high-fallutin’ low-brow” variety show brings you the only back-to-school sploshing show, ever!

Victory Variety Hour presents
Where Jail Bait and Condiments Collide!

What would you pay to dump food on JEWEL OF DENIAL?
The Cutest ‘Tater in Town: LAVENDAR LA RUE
Wasabi hot:  BEBE FIREFLY
Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room: HOLLY ROCK-IT
Scout's honor: RED SNAPPER (drop my name at the door!)
Eat her with a spoon! new to the VVH stage: MARIEL ALA MODE
Pancake King:  SCOT NERY
Peanut Butter “Prince”: STIRLING GARNDER
Music from prop punks
The FUXEDOS                       

With your em cee,

And don’t forget
“the later it gets, the looser it gets…”

Wednesday, September 9th
Doors 9pm, show 9:30
$12 Cover , $2 off with flyer
(printable from website or available at your local coffee house or retail establishment)
at Bordello, 901 E. 1st Street (at Vignes), Downtown Los Angeles

“Raunchy, bawdy and fun” LA Weekly
Presented the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Bordello, LA's own "high-fallutin' low-brow" variety show ain’t your grandpa's burlesque show:  featuring striptease, sideshow, comedy and live music with performers from all over the country, VVH takes burlesque to the cutting edge of sex and off-beat comedy, with twisted themes like The Wrong Show: A Night of Offensive Material and Jesus Christ’s Holiday Burlesque Revue.
Voted One of the Best Shows in LA by BIZARRE MAGAZINE.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Early Influences

It's strange to me how I got into burlesque. I took pole dancing classes for a few years (which is another story) and had an incredible teacher who helped me discover that I could be sexy and I could dance. I was in her master pole class where we learned choreography and tough tricks and blended the two. We'd cover a different dance style each session.

This video is from my last pole recital with her in December 2007. (I had to stop going to classes because my burlesque performance schedule conflicted. Then the economy crashed so I couldn't afford my addiction.) This number opens with the toughest pole trick I've ever learned. I don't know that I did it again after the show.

This is a Leg Avenue costume that I pulled apart. I put rhinestones on the skirt and use it for my school girl burlesque number now.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The First Time

My first public burlesque performance (outside of a classroom and in front of more people than just classmates and the teacher) was July 2007.  A few months before I learned that burlesque was still in fashion.  I jumped at every opportunity to learn.  When a choreography class was presented by Jewel of Denial out in the desert (about an hour and a half from my home in L.A.), I reserved my spot ASAP and marked it in my calendar.  It was the major event for my summer, like kids getting out of school and waiting for the one week of camp in the middle of the summer.

It was hotter than hell out there, but it was life changing.  Jewel spent two hours teaching us this number and we performed that night.  You can see me look over to her to see where we are in the choreography at one point.  The pasties I flash were from the workshop I took earlier the same day from Venus deMille.  I still make my pasties the way I learned in her class.

An Introduction

Greetings, dear reader!

Welcome to Snippets from Snapper. This is your source for upcoming shows, live videos from past shows, and various tidbits about performing and producing. I've had burlesque-related postings online over the past two years, but this blog is exclusively burlesque.

I will repost lessons learned as a beginning burlesque dancer, but there will be plenty of new content as well. Keep your eyes peeled.