Thursday, January 19, 2017

Atomic Thursday: Bourbon

I just noticed I've been sharing my Atomic love since September! I hope I've helped those of you who were curious about Atomic Cosmetics/Xerion Skin Science products. I'm obviously a fan.

Atomic Cosmetics: Bourbon
Snapper as Ginny Weasley (in Bourbon)

Sometimes I need an adult lip color. Funnily, I wore this for my Ginny Weasley number last week. Ginny is very grown up for a teenager. It's hard to find the right reds for a redhead to wear. Bourbon is perfect for that.

In fact, Bourbon is the darkest lip color I can wear without looking strange. I've tried some darker colors but I look a bit too goth with my coloring.

I have sensitive lips. There are products that have made my lips peel and hurt. I don't have to worry about that with Atomic Cosmetics. I also don't have to worry about having super toxic stuff around my eat hole. :)

All Atomic lipsticks come in adorable tubes. If you're fair and want to look like an adult, check this stuff out.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Atomic Thursday: Eyeshadow Primer

I got a promotion at my day job (yay! money!) and made some major changes to an old number, so I missed sharing with you last week! Sometimes I'm the worst. :)

Atomic Cosmetics: Eyeshadow Primer
Buster made the perfect background.

I'm going on a small tangent but hear me out. I somehow got added to a mailing list for several lady magazines. I don't like lady magazines but I don't like being wasteful. (Who has time for lady magazines these days?!) I flip through them before throwing them away. I saw a tip that said to use eyeshadow primer over blemishes before using concealer because the concealer would stick better. Best tip I've gotten from a stack of free lady magazines in years!

I've used the eyeshadow primer a few times over the past few months. (I usually use Optimus Primer when I do stage makeup and I rarely go out socially because I'm so busy.) On a related note, I've been frugal and just went to my first hockey game for this season on Monday.

I decided to try the concealer trick. I have freckles below my eyes and they look like dark circles when I have a naked face. I gussied myself up a little before heading to the game. I used some Eyeshadow Primer on my lids and on those pesky freckles under my eyes. I then touched up the undereye with some spackle before using BB Cream all over my face. I powdered off my undereye and voila!
I didn't get enough sleep but no discoloration!

Success! I should've used No Baggage to make up for the broken seven hours of sleep the night before. Oops. But my eyeliner and mascara didn't transfer or bleed to my lower lid while I was shouting at the game.

I dig this Eyeshadow Primer. Get a sample and test it out for yourself. Dr. Jen can also tweak the tint so it's a better match if you're not as pale-faced as me. Just let her know in your order notes or shoot her an email. (Atomic is like concierge stuff.)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Pinkalicious

I'm in the opening stages of a winter cold today and I do not feel pretty, despite my Los Angeles Kings t-shirt and Batman pajama pants.

Atomic Cosmetics : Pinkalicious Body Butter

Can you see the fine pink glitter?
Okay, now I feel pretty. I had to slap a little Pinkalicious on my arms.

I have body butter from another company that I purchased ten years ago that still sits in my bathroom closet. I have body butter I was gifted three years ago that remains untouched in same closet. I thought I would like body butter before I tried it, and I found these other brands dried me out more than before I used the body butter. Body butter is supposed to really help moisturize dry skin.

I gave Dr. Jen's body butters a shot because I know she wouldn't sell a tub of cream that does more dehydrating than moisturizing. I'm glad I did. It absorbs into the skin quickly, doesn't feel oily and doesn't make dry skin worse.

Pinkalicious is absolutely girly. It smells like cupcakes. (The scent is gentle and pleasant as opposed to drugstore cotton candy stripper body spray.) The pink glitter is incredibly fine, making it a wonderful accessory for outings when you want to have a subtle glow. Well, maybe not incredibly subtle. It's not as obvious as Glitter Bomb. It's a perfect beauty product for girls of all ages.

If you want something a little fabulous that isn't too expensive or want to have a fancy gift on hand for any gal in your life, toss some Pinkalicious in your Atomic shopping cart.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Atomic Thursday: No Baggage

I didn't blog last way since I was traveling to Texas for my fifth year in Nearly Naked Nutcracker. Oops!

Atomic Cosmetics: No Baggage

I missed this so much over the weekend.

The older I get, the more obvious it is when I don't get enough sleep. Traveling always does it to me. Time zone changes, show preparation, having to be "on" for longer than I am for local gigs, poor eating habits (too few veggies, eating too few actual meals a day) all take their toll on my face. There's a photo of me from last weekend's shows where you can count the eye bags.

I neglected to pack No Baggage.

One drop of this stuff packs the necessary punch to wake up the under eye area. (I used to have hemorrhoid cream in my early twenties for the same thing but who wants to use butt cream by the eyes?) It smells nice and improves the appearance of the under eye area when the world fights your attempts to rest.

If you work in an office after a late night gig, get some of this stuff. It won't make up for the lack of sleep but it will pep up your face.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Dude Lotion

Small gifts and stocking stuffers are perfect excuses to introduce someone to products you enjoy. They're also a great way to encourage behaviors you like. (I think this is part of the reason we got toothbrushes and socks in our stocking on more than one occasion as I was growing up.)

Atomic Cosmetics: Dude Lotion

In the medicine cabinet, of course.

Mr. Snapper hates lotion as a general rule. He doesn't like having "sauce" on his hands or body. It's taken me years to find a moisturizer he's willing to use on his face (a post-shave lotion that has a consistency he can handle).

I asked him to try out Dude Lotion and give me a dude's opinion. It smells fantastic to me but I use Skin Zen. He's the best and was willing to give it a shot for my blog. (I got a big sample from Dr. Jen a couple months ago.)

Here's his assessment:
Dude Lotion is fantastic. Good thickness, pleasant citrus-y smell. Not sticky-disgusting or quick to evaporate away. It's in the sweet spot. The dispenser is fantastic. Good coverage, too.
The dispenser is a big deal. Ease of use means it actually gets used.
Dude Lotion comes in four sizes and is very reasonably priced. If you know a dude who needs some moisturizer but doesn't like hassle or wearing "sauce," get him some of this stuff.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Winter Skin Survival Kit

It's time to do your holiday shopping if you're a gift giver. It's also time to treat yourself for making it through 2016. I have a recommendation for you.

Atomic Cosmetics: Winter Skin Survival Kit
Skin Zen body butter, Body Balm & Lipvana lip balm

I have dry, sensitive skin. I take hotter showers when the weather gets cooler. I get pretty itchy during the winter months.

I wash my hands constantly. I'm also busy rubbing off my natural body oils when I sew. Even non-toxic rhinestone glue takes its toll on my skin. My hands are damn dry. Sometimes they snag fabric because they're so damn dry.

I'm a lip balm addict. My lips hurt if I'm without my lip balm for more than a few hours. I wake in the night and apply at least once. I have a terrible reaction to many lip balm products that are available. There are only two or three brands I can use.

The Winter Skin Survival Kit helps with all of these issues. Skin Zen body butter moisturizes my itchy skin. I don't have to apply multiple layers to experience benefit. Body Balm helps my weary hands. I'll apply some right before bed so my hands are softer in the morning. Lipvana doesn't make my lips peel, unlike so many other products. (One tube of Lipvana lasts me about two and a half weeks.) The kit also includes Dr. Jen's Dirty Baker's Dozen list of toxic ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and skin care products. It all comes in an adorable chiffon bag.

I'm not a huge fan of fragranced products from over-the-counter products. It seems like makeup and lotions from major manufacturers have determined that women want to smell like the fragrance contained in feminine hygiene products. It's terrible. I love that these products don't stink. The fragrance is natural and gentle. It isn't designed to mask the horrible chemicals in the product. The light scents work well together.

There are two more fantastic things about this kit. First, it's really affordable. Each kit is a whopping $10. You can get one for yourself without feeling guilty about the price. Second, you can donate kits to homeless folks via the website. You can donate a few kits and get a gift with your donation.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Drag Eraser

Many of my friends are huge fans of this product.

Atomic Cosmetics: Drag Eraser

Drag Eraser in travel size

Performers wear some pretty intense makeup. I've bragged about the wonders of the now-discontinued Spackle. It's not unusual for us to wear oil-based makeup for stage.

Any housekeeping tips guru worth her salt will tell you that it takes oil to remove oil from your pots and pans. You need something that will absorb and break down the oil, and products with oil in them can do just that. Drag Eraser is oil-based and perfect for cleaning off stage makeup.

I have a process for removing my stage makeup. I've demonstrated it in the photo where I'm wearing just lipstick. (Atomic Cosmetics in Bourbon. Ooh la la!)

Top left you can see me in the lipstick. First, I wipe off any excess makeup with a tissue. (I typically take some makeup wipes on the road.) If you're going to clean butter off a table cloth, it's best to scrape up the butter first. You'll find you have more success removing the makeup efficiently and effectively by wiping off what you can before cleansing. Top right is after I wiped off the lipstick.

Drag Eraser works best when you use it like cold cream. It does have a gentle exfoliant. You can see my lips slathered with it in the bottom left photo. I use my fingertips and use a gentle, circular motion to scrub the makeup.

Then, I use a cotton ball or tissue to wipe off the Drag Eraser. You can see one side of my cotton ball in the bottom center photo. Expect to use a few cotton balls if you're removing an evening of showgirl makeup. I gently wipe until no more color comes off.

The next step is very important. You still have to wash your face and continue with your regular skin care routine. You've wiped away the showgirl but you still have oil on your face. I washed my face with The New 20 before the photo on the bottom right. I finished my regimen with toner and moisturizer.

I typically use a different product to remove my makeup at home. I'm a contact lens wearer and I can use the other product on my eyes without worry. (I get interrupted by dogs when I come home and take off my makeup. Sometimes I have to take them into the yard while I'm cleaning off the war paint.) If you use Drag Eraser on eye makeup, keep in mind that it has a gentle exfoliant. You want to clean it off your eyes carefully and swiftly so you don't rub any of it into your eyes. I do use Drag Eraser on the road when I don't have to worry about dogs jumping on me at the end of the night.

Drag Eraser comes in three sizes. I recommend it for any performer. It's a very thick product and doesn't flow through the pump of the 2oz. size very easily. It comes out of the larger containers easier.