Friday, March 17, 2017

A Shrimp's Tale

Well, I live in Dallas now. The past two months have been a lot of packing, stress, prep and driving. I've been in Dallas since March 4th. I still haven't fully unpacked.

There are a lot of reasons for my move, most of them financial and familial. There are more festivals and burlesque opportunities within driving distance. I can get cheaper flights to those places as well. I'm still very much an Angeleno at heart. You can't live somewhere that long without it really making becoming part of you.

I didn't intend to start performing until April 1st. An opportunity arose on Monday and I jumped on it. A friend lost a performer from her show. The band learned a six-minute song specifically for the performer. (Losing a six-minute act makes a significant dent in a show's run time. The fact that this ten-piece band learned the song was huge.) I threw my hat in the ring with my peach robe and got the gig.

Photo by Kelly Gardina Photography
I was familiar with the song but didn't know it very well. I started working through possible movement on Monday after I booked the gig. I kept my brain engaged on the number when I'd take breaks from work or walk the dogs.

Tuesday evening I pulled out the costume. I started working with a boa in the gym but didn't feel satisfied. It was still very improvisational. The boa wasn't working. The song was so long that it needed something at the end. In truth, I thought the song was best suited for someone who wore a black dress or Mardi Gras colors (meaning not me). Creative mind still engaged, I had an insane eureka moment.

What if I stripped out of my showgirl stuff and became a shrimp?

Crazy, right?

I pitch it to Mr. Snapper. He knows my determination and my love of a challenge. He also knows that I'm hand beading a corset and finishing a gown this week. Maybe I shouldn't take on something else right now?

Nope, it's decided. I'm going to become a shrimp. I have all the pieces to turn into a showgirly shrimp except the headdress.

Wednesday evening we dash to Hobby Lobby to buy the components. I paint and dye the pieces, he assembles. Teamwork.

Thursday afternoon I run the number with the headdress before rolling my hair for the show. It's going to work! Woohoo!

Carpe shrimp! Check out the video by the awesome Ben Britt of this act's debut.


  1. So cool! I wish we'd known, but the video is next best thing! :)

    1. It was a surprise booking. :D I look forward to seeing you soon.