Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CBF: VIP Night Photos

Here are a couple photos of my first performance at Colorado Burlesque Festival, shot by Angela Kane.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this costume? It's one perfect for basking in the glow of the audience.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weary Bodies

Dancers put a lot of stress and strain on their instruments.  I know I get aches and pains here and there, often from not properly warming up or cooling down, but sometimes just from wear and tear.  Here's what I use to get up and make it through another day.
  • Chiropractor visits.  I started going to the chiropractor when I was sixteen after a car accident.  I started going to a chiropractor again two years ago when I injured my tailbone.  I go back every two or three months to get everything adjusted, particularly when I feel I'm so out of alignment it might effect my next performance (or when I have a break and can go before it gets worse).
  • Natural muscle balms.  I used Tiger Balm all the time when I took kung fu and when I learned heavy-duty tricks in pole class.  I prefer the original formula.  I'm currently using Burt's Bees Muscle Mend when I have tightness.  With all of the remedies, I stick with the natural stuff unless the pain is so bad I have to use medicine.
  • Heat and ice.  I use heat when I want an area to relax, like when I have a tight muscle.  Warm showers are great after a tough class.  I use ice when I want to decrease the blood flow or swelling in an area, like when I stub my toe.  I've had injuries that required the use of both, alternating twenty minutes of one with a break before twenty minutes of the other.
  • Epsom salt.  Dancer feet go through hell.  Epsom salt is wonderful in a bucket of warm water as a foot soak.  It's pretty inexpensive and alleviates a lot of foot discomfort.
  • Stretching.  The more something hurts, the lighter the stretch.  I was given some stretches by my chiropractor for my neck since I tend to work office jobs during the day.  Sometimes a gentle stretch will help the area in question gain a little more mobility, and sometimes that stretch remedies the situation entirely.
  • Vitamins and minerals.  I've gotten to know my body pretty well.  When I have a headache, I first try B1, salt and potassium as a remedy; I dehydrate easy and burn a lot of B1.  When I have muscle cramps, I take calcium magnesium tablets and potassium.  When I feel generally worn down, I pop some multivitamins and eat some veggies.
  • Wraps and braces.  We always had Ace bandages lying around when I was growing up.  They're great to have on hand.  Sometimes the tendons and ligaments just need a break after putting in a lot of work.  A wrap or brace is great for limiting movement so the area can recover.
  • Massage.  I used to go to a masseuse when I had shoulder pain from pole class.  Sports massages are awesome for that.  You can save money by gently massaging the injured area yourself (like your foot) or getting a friend to help you out (like when your back hurts).  The more it hurts, the lighter the touch.
  • Rest.  A long nap or a good night's sleep can work miracles.
Sometimes the pain doesn't respond to any of these things and I have to take aspirin.  If my injuries were too much to handle, I'd go to the doctor.  All of these remedies have worked well for me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

CBF: Tease Technique With Michelle L'amour

I'm a huge fan of continuing education. Michelle is an award-winning performer and an impressive entrepreneur. I have her boa and fan educational DVDs at home. All of these things made me jump at the chance to take a class with her.

This class is good for all dance levels. I picked up a few tricks to improve my presentation and body lines. I enjoyed her dance warm-up implementing striptease technique. She's a delightful instructor and I recommend her class to anyone who has the opportunity to take it.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

CBF: Day Two

Colorado Burlesque Festival was a little different from some of the other Thursday thru Sunday festivals in that there were no daytime activities as part of the festival on the weekdays.  Scarlett Letter, Panama Red and I took this opportunity to be tourists.  Our major stop:  Hammond's Candies.

Hammond's Candies has a free factory tour.  The price was right and we all love candy, so we braved the heat to get some candy.  The tour was fantastic and there were so many free samples on the tour.  I do wish that I had purchased more candy after the tour.  I was on a budget at the time, so I didn't indulge as much as I would have liked.  The candy making process is fascinating.  Panama (in a Red Snapper tee) and I posed by the old candy delivery truck.

The evening held my performance at the V.I.P. Evening.  I was early in the show so I got to see most of the event when I was done dancing.  It was a joy to put Mega Costume in front of an audience that didn't follow the play-by-play of my process.  I'm in love with the venue.  It was a joy to share the stage with so many wonderful performers.

Something else very notable about this festival was how grateful the producers were.  I was thanked by each of the four producers no less than twice for participating in the festival.  They were very appreciative of each and every participant.  We all know that festivals can't happen without performers, and they made sure the performers knew how important they were.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This month... FOUR Beautiful Naked Girls reading Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, and Fan Fiction...

In celebration of Comic-Con 2010 taking place the next week, NAKED GIRLS READING (LA) brings to you a reading event specifically tailored for fans of Comic Books and Literary/Film/Television entertainment!

Yes they are naked.

Yes they will be reading.

This will be our 2nd literary event with a naughty twist. Fans of Alan Moore and Douglas Adams take note! This is an event you won't want to miss and better to see it yourself than miss out and hear about it from your friends the next day.

Tickets will be available at the door for $20.

ADVANCE DISCOUNT TICKETS are available online via PAYPAL for only $18 at which guarantees you priority seating (as long as you show up by 7pm).

Featuring our Naked Readers:

("Best Solo Performance" and "Legends Award Winner", Boston Burlesque Expo 2010)




If online pre-sale tickets go well, we may add one more reader.

Brought to you by PEEPSHOW MENAGERIE, proudly the nerdiest burlesque production company in L.A..

Visit here for more details.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Making a Costume Your Own

As a disclaimer, you don't have to make every costume piece from scratch.  There's nothing wrong with buying ready made pieces for your costume, and sometimes it works to wear those ordinary pieces as part of a costume (exception, not the rule).  But if you want your costume to look like it's more special than a $40 Leg Avenue special, it's going to take a little work.

Here's what I've done with ready made costume pieces to customize them:
  1. Fasteners and closures.  Alter the piece to suit your needs so you can get out of it in an entertaining way.  I bought this dress at Nordstrom Rack.  To get into the dress, I had to open the flimsy zipper and crawl through the halter and into the dress.  Removing the dress in the dressing room presented a more awkward picture, and that's wholly inappropriate for the act I was doing.  When I got home, I split the seam at the center back of the halter and attached a large and fancy hook and eye.  If I'd had more time, I would've replaced the zipper with something sturdier.  When I took off the dress, I was able to undo the halter like a necklace. (Photo by John Nelson)
  2. Embellishments.  Add fringe, rhinestones, sequins, patches, ribbons, appliques, tinsel, tassels, flashing lights or whatever to your ready made pieces to make them your own.  The green dress in the photo had tiny beaded accents.  I needed more sparkle so I added two colors of rhinestones all over the dress.  For my school girl costume, I took a Leg Avenue skirt and added a rhinestone inside each pleat so the audience would get a nice little surprise as the skirt moved.
  3. Mixing and matching pieces.  If you buy a complete costume, change out some of the pieces.  I wore a Leg Avenue school girl costume for a pole show a few years ago, and it had to match the other dancers.  Once the show was over, I pulled the skirt for my school girl number and embellished it as above.  I ditched the white collared shirt and black cardigan that came standard with the costume and replaced them with a black hoodie that I embellished.
It doesn't take a ton of time or money to turn something from a clothing rack into a personalized costume.  Give it a try and let me know what works for you.

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    CBF: Day One

    I love going to festivals, dancing in other towns and meeting new people.  I wasn't on duty (meaning dancing) the first day of the Colorado Burlesque Festival.  I was just spectating.  This meant I could drink before the show and not violate my own working ethic.  (I don't drink before I perform.  I like having my wits about me and I don't want to dehydrate.)  Panama Red, Scarlett Letter and I stopped into Roo Bar for some brew and Wisconsin cheese soup.  I took the opportunity to have a Great Divide Denver Pale Ale.

    The Thursday night event showcased local performers.  They were very delightful.  It was standing room only and we had a blast.  Panama and I topped off the evening by posing with the information art bull just outside of Lannie's Clock Tower Cabaret.  We were being ridiculous and clever, as you can see in our poses.

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    The Whole Package

    When I was first brainstorming this costume with gal pal Evie Lovelle, the idea was for me to have something special. I didn't want a costume the same style and color as so many I've seen at festivals and competitions. We found colors that were perfect for me, a style that made me look taller, pieces that I could enjoy when performing. I've gotten comments from several people about the whole package of Mega Costume: my performance in conjunction with the costume on my frame with my coloring. I aspire to make all of my future event numbers a whole package with a perfect union of all the elements.
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    Dancer Busking

    This is a photo from my stripper stripper stripper performance on Tuesday. I enjoy dancing at the strip club once a month. It's busking for exotic dancers. It's nice to get tangible feedback from the audience to know what they like best. I have found that while I enjoy doing pole work, the audience response (meaning cash) for my classic burlesque numbers is better. I did Mega Costume last week. Give the people what they want, right?
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    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Colorado Burlesque Festival: Merchandise Fair

    I'm vending pasties, C-strings and It's A Chick DVDs at this event to help sponsor the cost of my trip.  Come down and say hello, and feel free to buy me a beer.  :)

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Colorado Burlesque Festival: Main Event

    Tonight I'm performing my Stepford Wife number as part of the Main Event.  It's a huge evening of amazing entertainment.  Be sure to get tickets and say hello after the show!  You'll also get to see performances from my LA chums, Scarlett Letter and Panama Red.

    The Future of Sassy Classy

    I'm performing at the Colorado Burlesque Festival this weekend, and I found what I want for Sassy Classy. Last night I performed at Lannie's Clock Tower Cabaret. The stage was a nice size and it was really lit well. The house has rows and rows of tables so patrons can eat and drink. The venue has a full bar and serves appetizers and desserts. Every patron is supplies with a noisemaker like the ones you get at New Year's parties (that sound like you're winding something up). Patrons can buy wigs, tiaras, boas & gloves to feel more like part of the show. The energy in the space is amazing.

    I tried Sassy Classy in a theater because I wanted it to feel like this show and I wanted to capture the theatre-going audience. It's a blessing in disguise that I'm losing the venue (can't get the same sweet rates now). The show will be on hiatus until I can find something closer to my heart's desire.
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    Friday, July 9, 2010

    Colorado Burlesque Festival: VIP Evening

    I'm performing tonight at Lannie's Clock Tower Cabaret in Denver as part of the inaugural Colorado Burlesque Festival.  You won't find me on the performer page for this event because I'm replacing a scratched headliner.  But I'll be there, dancing in Mega Costume and sharing my love with the Mile High City.  If you come out, say hello to me after the show.  I'm wearing a dress that matches my costume.

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    More DFW Souvenirs

    Here's an amazing photo from my trip, shot by Nadyia of High Art Photography. I'm not fully nude.

    I do own clothing. Seriously. :)

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    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    The Letter Follies: July Edition

    A burlesque show at a topless club! $10 admission, shows at 10pm and 11:30pm. Angie Cakes, Dahlia DeLust, Holly Rock-It, Vestal Vixen, Red Snapper and Scarlett Letter. Amazing house dancers, inexpensive pitchers, and a show where you can shower the dancers with cold, hard cash. ;)

    Tonight I do a pole dance to a John Mayer tune and I perform in Mega Costume!