Thursday, December 31, 2009

From 2009 to 2010

I've had a great second year as a professional burlesque performer.  Here are some highlights:
  • Fifty professional performances.  I got 60 under my belt in 2008, but I also performed in three plays this year, wrote a few short plays and directed a play.  Not too shabby for stage time.
  • Joined Striptease Symposium.  As a perpetual dance student and a performer of 28 years, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to help bring out the inner performer from the unsuspecting yet willing.  I helped teach tassel twirling to some ladies in Lancaster this year, some floor work to gals at our holiday party, and look forward to teaching the beginner session in 2010.
  • Created less new acts.  This may not seem like a highlight, but it is.  I saved money and refined ideas this year.  Last year I tackled seventeen new acts plus two group numbers, and three of those acts had big props.  This year I tackled nine new acts and revamped an act from 2008 twice to fit different themed shows.  Considerable savings.
  • Got my website and Snapper-only blog up!  I know officially own property on the web. :)
  • Performed at two festivals - Boston Burlesque Expo and New Orleans Burlesque Festival.
  • Did a little travel as a performer in Southern California, dancing in San Diego for Comic-Con the second year in a row, and bringing burlesque to Lancaster.
  • Danced at Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas during Burlesque Hall of Fame reunion weekend and got some totally kickass art from it!  It was wonderful performing as part of the weekend.
  • More study.  I took ballet from January to December (and danced in the ballet recital) and tap during the fall.  I took a special workshop with Tigger! when he visited from New York.  I took workshops from legends April March in Boston and Tee Tee Red in New Orleans.  I had a nice sampling of classes in Boston from various performers, and I learned how to shake my ass from Kellita and more fan dance technique from Catherine D'Lish in new Orleans.  It was a great year for study.
  • Produced my own show.  In fact, I produced the Los Angeles Burlesque Hall of Fame benefit in May, then put up my for-profit Sassy, Classy Burlesque Revue in October and December.
  • Danced as a stripper stripper stripper at a topless joint in North Hollywood and had an absolute blast.
I'm excited about 2010.  I'm beginning my third year as a professional!  Here are some goals:
  • Performing in two or three festivals.  I really want to return to New Orleans because that was an absolute blast.  I'd also love to dance in Paris or London (if I get in and can afford to go).  I also hope to hit a festival or two as part of Kubrilesque.
  • Sharing my love with the South.  I plan to visit the Dallas area in May to teach and perform.  I'm also hoping to teach in Hot Springs in March (if I can secure a studio) and dance in Memphis that weekend (if I can get a gig).  I'm working on setting both up.
  • More dancing as a stripper stripper stripper.  I hope I get to return to Star Garden because that was sooooo fun.  I'm bringing a pole number to the next round.
  • More dance class.  If my schedule and finances permit, I'll be back in ballet and tap in February and back in pole class (if even for a single series) in January.  I'm very excited about this.
  • Cleaning out my closet.  I think I'm going to drop a couple numbers from my repertoire that are rarely performed and don't meet my growing standards.  I'm also going to set about repairing costumes I'm keeping and improving numbers I already perform.
  • More Sassy Classy.  I have six shows scheduled for 2010.  This will permit me the time I need to promote each show.  With only six shows on the calendar as a producer, I will still have the attention units needed to perform in other shows and continue with my other activities.
  • Some surprises full of awesomeness.  I don't want to spill the beans too soon, but my artist friend Sebastian and I have something up our sleeves.
2009 has been very good to me.  I appreciate the opportunities and guidance I've been given.  Thanks to you for your part in my journey.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Beginner Burlesque with Red Snapper

(There's still time to sign up at the discounted rate!  Be sure to mention Snapper sent you!)


Striptease Symposium, LA’s ongoing burlesque classes, brings you classes for both the beginner and advanced student. These classes make a great Christmas gift for your curious kitten, closeted showgirl, housewife, princess or rockabilly babe… you get the idea!


From the burlesquer who brings you class, sass, and a whole lotta ass, become versed in basic striptease techniques like bump and grind sexy walks, glove tease and boa play. In this 6 week series, learn a fun choreography to release your veiled vamp and showcase your inner showgirl. Free gloves and boa to every student.  

Sundays, Jan 31st to March
7th, 11 am to 12:30 pm
$95 if you register by Jan 1st,
$110 after Jan 1st
at Evolution Dance
4200 Lankershim Blvd. (between Caheunga
and Riverside), in North Hollywood

Questions? Contact Penny Starr Jr. at
Augusta @ itsachick (dot) com

About Striptease Symposium 

Striptease Symposium’s mission is to celebrate the feminine form by developing creativity, confidence and positive self-image through the highest quality burlesque instruction.

Award-winning burlesque dancers Jewel of Denial and Penny Starr, Jr. offer performance, instruction and private events featuring dance and choreography, glamorous hair and make-up techniques, costume design and construction, character design and so much more! Allow them to unleash your inner showgirl.

About Red Snapper

Known for “sass, class and a whole lotta ass!” Red Snapper has studied burlesque with Bump and Grind 101, Academy of Burlesque, New York School of Burlesque, Striptease Symposium, Princess Farhana, burlesque legends Wild Cherry and April March…the list goes on. She is a regular performer at Monday
Night Tease, Victory Variety Hour and Peepshow Menagerie, and has taught pole and chair dancing with Aphrodite Strip-N-Pole in West Hollywood, as well as coached a number of actresses in the art of striptease, has choreographed for Theatre Unleashed, and even held a tassel twirling clinic for men.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Spec Commercial Shoot

I was approached at Peepshow Menagerie last week to dance in a spec commercial for pay.  It was a pretty easy and hilarious shoot.  I had to get my boobs going in circles as if I was twirling tassels, but I had to do it under my t-shirt without tassels.  I also had to do it with a straight face.  It was fun.  When I get a link to the finished video, I'll post it here.

As an interesting side note, we shot in a store that was open.  I waited until the male patrons cleared out to finish my wriggling and interested the female patron in burlesque.  Hopefully she'll take classes with me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peepshow Menagerie Presents TELEVANGELESQUE II

It's the "Second Coming Of The Fire And Brimstone Burlesque Revival!" - Our annual charity event that pokes fun at greedy televangelists and brings you sexy Burlesque interpretations of Bible stories, all while raising money for full arts programs for inner city children.

See Holy-Moly Burlesque from:

Winner of the 'Legend In The Making' title at Exotic World 2005

Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008

Winner of the 'Most Classic' title at the 2007 Boston Burlesque Expo


with a Baggy Pants
Comedy pre-show by

with a special
musical performance by

Hosted and Produced by the Ir-Reverend

Burlesque! Live Music! Sinners! Saints! Comedy! Healings!

Our show last year raised over $800 and this year we hope to raise even more! (We have to be coy online and in print about the name of the program because some parents might be upset about a burlesque show donating money to this particular fund. We will, however, have full info about this great arts program in Los Angeles at the show itself.) We chose this particular charity because, especially in these times of economic recession, Arts funding is one of the first things to be cut when the government creates a new budget and people understandably don't think of these kinds of things during the holiday season. We really appreciated all the work put in by our performers last year and that the audience was there in full effect and hope you can join us to make it an even better year!

Live at BORDELLO (formerly 'Little Pedros')
901 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Doors open at 9pm with the show starting at about 9:45pm (But we always advise being there early in order to get the best seats and/or view of the stage.)

Admission is only $10 at the door
(cash only for the door, but the bar itself takes cards)

21 & Up / Full Bar

Go to for more info as it comes.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snapper Essence

My friend John Nelson who did behind-the-scenes photos at the first Sassy Classy did a portrait session with me at the theater.  He's an incredible photographer who is great at photographing the essence of a person.

We met at the theater before the dancers arrived for this shot.  (The other shots on his blog were from another afternoon.)  Before the shoot, he got to know me enough to figure out I'm a huge John Mayer fan.  I'm made up for a show with fishnets, frilly panties and dance shoes, but I'm wearing my fourteenth John Mayer t-shirt.  It's incredible.

John shoots portraits and editorial-style photos in the Los Angeles area.  I highly recommend checking out his work at the links above.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I was on Yelp looking for reviews of burlesque classes and I got sidetracked by the reviews of venues that had burlesque shows.  I was kind of mentioned in one review:

The place exudes sex, exotic and refined taste, and is a bit ghastly in its appeal.  Or perhaps it was that there were half nude girls pouring out blood from their chests, dancing with bunny masks on, and coming to life after being murdered from a town called Twin Peaks.

And then these was the one that mentioned me as a terrorist:

Highlights were a girl who did a whole jewish princess dance (friggin hilarious), a lady who re-enacted Lily Von Shtupp from Blazing Saddles, and a girl dressed as uncle sam beating up a terrorist, then undressing to reveal a sexy Ms. America.
It's nice to see that I was memorable enough for a mention in their reviews.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ballet Recital

Yesterday I danced in my first ballet recital at school.  I've been taking ballet for the past year and a half to improve my form and grace.  I was a scrappy kid who climbed trees and fought the neighbor kids yet got good grades, and dance classes were not on my parents' agenda for me.  I've gotten a late start in dance classes.

I recognize in class when my form isn't perfect, when I mess up a move or get dizzy while trying to spot.  I also recognize how easy it is to just follow the music and stay aware of the other dancers.  I think that's why the teacher asked me to dance in the recital.  At noon yesterday, I joined a handful of other students from the beginning ballet class in a dance phrase with leaps and turns.  I'm proud to say it looked good.  I hope I can fit the class into my schedule in the spring.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stripper Stripper Stripper

I use the term stripper stripper stripper to refer to those who work in strip clubs, or as an adjective to describe things that are akin to what one might see in a strip club.  As a burlesque performer, I am a stripper just like those who work in the strip clubs.  I don't look down my nose at those who make a living in these clubs and I don't claim to be performing something more elevated than what they do.  I simply use the term stripper stripper stripper so people can understand my frame of reference.

Last night I did Scarlett's show at a strip club in North Hollywood, and for one glorious night I was a stripper stripper stripper.  I did burlesque numbers, but I did perform in the space and I did give the audience what they expected to see in that venue.  I wasn't used to being confined to the 'topless zone' (vice line on the stage) when I performed parts of my first number, but I was acclimated to the space for my fan dance.  It was a very friendly club and I'd love to return.  I think that would be the venue where I'd want to work if I was always a stripper stripper stripper.

Second Episode of Sassy Classy

I'm posting this a little late.  I've been very busy in the theatre, burlesque, educational and real world lately.  The second episode was Sunday night, and it was a fantastic show.  The line-up was amazing and varied.  I was very satisfied as a producer.

I debuted my new panel skirt number at this show.  It went very well.  There are costume modifications I'll do before I perform it again, but that's the joy of doing burlesque -- learning how to make improvements on a number so it can be even more stellar.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Letter Follies

Tonight at the Star Garden in North Hollywood.  The Letter Follies presents both neo and classic burlesque.  I'm debuting my new fan dance there.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Fans A-Comin'

I shot a promotional video for Striptease Symposium over the holiday weekend.  Saturday we taped me doing a fan dance, and my fans (in photo by SH Photo) are looking pretty ragged.  You see, the fans staves are junior Sally Rands from my first pair of fans. They were once a lovely light blue.  When I did Pin-Up Girls last fall, the costume designer insisted on putting me in an emerald and pearl costume for my fan dance and my fans didn't match.  I deconstructed the pretty fans and bought bigger feathers to create the fans seen in the 2010 L.A. Burlesque calendar.  My peach and green fans that are looking pretty skanky so I'm really looking forward to the replacements.

The new fans will be ready Wednesday and I'll get them Friday.  They're from Fabulous Feathers, a local company endorsed by Catherine D'Lish.  They're so well-constructed.  And my new fans are light blue, replacing the original junior fans I first had.