Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Class 2/100: Hypnotic

Aphrodite has drop-in packages! I had to stop my pole dance training through Aphrodite in early 2008 because I got so busy with gigs and I helped start a theatre company. I could no longer do series classes because of my schedule. With the drop-in option for pole and floor work, I'm gleeful that I can return.

Today I attended Hypnotic, a class with varying content of floor and chair work, the focus being slow sexuality. Since I work in a city where most numbers must be four minutes or less, I needed my own refresher as a student and performer to slow things down. Our class dealt specifically with floor work this morning. I got in a wonderful stretch and was able to accommodate my sore neck while doing the moves. We covered a few different moves and then wove them together into a simple choreography. It was the perfect class for me right now. I look forward to returning next Saturday.
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