Sunday, January 30, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Nudie Photo Shoot in Ft. Worth

Friday morning I did a photo shoot with Dynamite Dames in Ft. Worth. We were going for a very specific nude theme, and we had to shoot outside. The weather was fantastic, but we had to shoot in an urban area so we had to get clever with masking the nudity so I didn't get arrested and miss my Friday night show.

So what do you do with a naked girl on a street corner when you're trying to shoot photos? You take test shots of the model in some fabulous & easy-to-remove John Mayer sweats. You get a team to standby with props and a blanket to block the actual shoot from passersby. When the coast is relatively clear, the clothes come off and the shutter clicks like mad. Of course, you still might get some traffic.

I realized I'm publicly naked so much I really need a special robe for this sort of thing.

Hair by Vintage Flair, makeup by Vivienne Vermouth, sweats by John Mayer.
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