Sunday, January 30, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Eff U-Turns

Last night I danced in San Antonio for the first time. It was an adventure. We had no problem finding our hotel an the outskirts of town, but the 15 minute drive to the venue turned into a 50-minute adventure with 10 U-turns. We couldn't find the venue because we expected a street sign based on Google maps and Mapquest. We finally figured out it was an industrial-looking complex we'd passed twice.

Forty minutes late for call time, we arrived in a fluster and the lobby was already filling with patrons. Dancers were deep in their preparations in the dressing room, so not everyone was as chatty as I usually expect in the dressing room. I found out later that night that there were some debut performers, and I'm sure they were concentrating on their choreography in their heads when we arrived. The other performers were much more chatty after the show started.

The show was wonderful. I got to watch most of it from the wings of their capacious and awesome theatre. They had inconspicuous seating for the performers in the house, but I was wearing costumes that didn't really lend themselves to sitting. The crew was delightful and the audience was loud and friendly. My friend from Austin made it to the show!

I had a great time in San Antonio. I'm up bright and early to make the trek up to Denton to model some latex for Dr. Sketchy's now.
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