Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tape O Plenty

Last time I flew to Dallas with my feather fans, i got a giant box at the last minute. I rigged the inside so my fans wouldn't shift and filled the box with shoes and costume pieces. That afforded me more space in my luggage but the box was an absolute bitch to drag to the counter and from baggage claim.

This time I used a couple triangle boxes given to me by Jason at Fabulous Feathers. I turned them inside so you couldn't see what company provided him with the boxes. I taped the boxes together so they'd count as a single piece of luggage, and I slid my fan bags inside. I taped the top down only to have the airline open the boxes to inspect them before the TSA opened them again. I also clearly marked the outside of the box so I wouldn't have to explain to the ticketing agent what was inside.

I prefer this solution. I was able to snatch up the box single-handed as it was disappearing on the luggage carousel for another round of fun.
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