Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dance Class 1/100: Cowboy Dances

I joined the Glendale Moose Lodge in December. One of the big draws for me (besides the large performance spaces brimming with possibilities) was the weekly ballroom dance classes. At $8 per class for Moose members, Mr. Snapper and I had to take a class tonight. We enjoy learning ballroom dance together and it increases our dueting skills.

We were three minutes late to class, which seemed more like we were ten minutes late. We took a position in the back of the room and caught up on the Cowboy Cha Cha. This was the first ballroom class where we danced around the room. There are no mirrors in the ballroom so it helped for us to learn from the back of the room where we could watch other dancers. We got the hang of the combination because we took swing in December.

With fifteen minutes left in class, we switched to the Cowboy Ten-Step Polka (Texas Ten-Step). It's a lot like a hand jive for your feet. My brain went into puzzle solving mode until I got the sequence down. I don't know how people can converse and do this dance at the same time.

They have an open floor for ballroom dancing after class but we had to split. One thing that really sets this class apart is the handouts. The instructor has handouts of the dances we learned tonight that include the origin of each dance and the choreography. I'm totally into that sort of thing.
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