Friday, February 24, 2012

My Final Reveal: Glitter Bomb Shoes

Oh no my shoes were caught in a glitter explosion! The shoes that were once taupe are now blue and crystal sparkle. Ten layers of glitter and Mod Podge, an hour and ten minutes of work since my last blog. I'll probably do one or two more glitter layers and a layer or two of sealant, then they're done.

In this photo, you can see the materials I've actually used during the shoe project. As I mentioned at the beginning of this process, you will spend more on supplies for a costume than you will actually use. I bought twice the glitter I'll use and a larger jar of glossy Mod Podge than I needed for this project. I also bought four small foam brushes and I've only used one, rinsing it out after each application. The cost of supplies I've actually cracked open and used on the shoes is $14.

My orange/pink/blue rhinestoned shoes were a great lesson. I thought I was so smart spending $10 on a pair of shoes, then spending scores of cash for rhinestones to glue on the shoes. I spent lots of time killing brain cells while using E-6000 (super toxic) to put the rhinestones on the shoes. When I selected them, I only considered the time I'd spend in the shoes during the number (less than three minutes); I didn't consider the time I'd spend in costume before performing, waiting for curtain call, hobnobbing after the show, and modeling in the costume. I don't do anything amazing with my feet while they're in the shoes, so I don't really need to draw that much attention to them.

With these shoes, I wanted something that would give me height but would be comfortable enough to wear for more than three minutes. I invested in the shoe and found a way to appropriately embellish at a rational cost. I won't do anything amazing with my feet in this number so they don't need to be encased in rhinestones.

Spent on this project so far: $167.48 and 13:35.
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