Monday, August 19, 2013

Advanced Stockings and Sensuality With Stephanie Blake

I'm a huge fan of taking classes with burlesque legends.  You can learn so much from the people who came before.  Los Angeles is a tough place to connect with people because it's so spread out and so busy, so having access to Stephanie Blake for a workshop was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more from one of our local legends.

Stephanie's perspective is unique among legends. She's a second generation stripper, actress in legit theatre and film, and her stripteasing experience bridges the gap between old burlesque and the burlesque revival.  It's always delightful to hear these women share tales of their own striptease experiences.

This is a class you must take if you have the opportunity.  One of the best lessons I got from her class was to be easy to work with. No one wants to deal with a bitchy diva. She's a very pleasant, go-with-the-flow performer, and I dig that about her.

I believe she'll be teaching this class at New Orleans Burlesque Festival this year.  Keep your eyes peeled and take her class if she's teaching when she comes to your town.

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