Thursday, June 5, 2014

BHOF Weekend Crafting Challenge

My BHOF weekend plans
Not at Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion Weekend? Neither am I. I know my feed is going to fill up with people having all sorts of sparkly fun. Rather than sitting at home and feeling left out (when I'm not watching the Stanley Cup Finals), I'm going to get busy crafting. I invite you to join me in the following challenge.

This BHOF weekend, I will push myself to make:
  • one pair of pasties
  • one hair flower
  • one dress

I'm not including the costume I'm tailoring or the skirt I'm making for that costume in the challenge, but I hope to get those completed this weekend as well. I'm also not including any work I'll do to help Mr. Snapper complete a prop commission.

I'm going to make these things from start to finish between now and Sunday night (when BHOF weekend ends). I'll share photos as I complete each one. My goal is to make everything with materials I have at home now, particularly since one of the reasons I didn't go to BHOF was financial. (The dress will probably be a day dress because I have the pattern and fabric sitting in my craft room, waiting for the opportunity to make it. I have a couple flowers I got on sale at JoAnn's that just need to be attached to clips and rhinestoned. The pasties will probably be for my new number.) If I knock all these projects out of the ballpark, I may just make an underbra from scratch. I'm leaving that out of the challenge because chances are good that my fellow crafters don't have bra supplies just lying around.

I hope you join me in the challenge and fill up my feed with your projects. If you get lost, need help or inspiration, let me know.

Let's make sparkly magic this weekend!

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