Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sewing September - Day 30

I didn't post last night since I was finishing this for my sister. It's finished!

Glad I paid attention when I was cutting the fabric!
The laces in the back are red. I may replace the cord I got with paracord since paracord will make it easier for my sister to cinch herself in. She needed something that looked "burlesquey" for an upcoming poi performance at Harvest Festival, and I think this will do the trick.

I didn't get as much done in September as I had hoped. I wanted to do a sew-along, but there were plenty of speed bumps that prevented that from happening. I can plan better for next year. :)

Here's what I actually completed in September:
  • sparkly mint cardigan
  • sparkly mint headband
  • gray cardigan
  • my sister's striped underbust corset
  • my black zip underbust corset
  • a ridiculous sock monster for Coca Carter
  • two panels for my panel skirt
Here's what I worked on but didn't really complete:
  • e-textiles (I did complete some tutorials.)
  • quilted bag
  • two Doodle squares for the quilt
I lost some corset pieces, ruined some corset pieces, replaced a part for my primary machine, got attacked by a crazy person, did a couple shows, and started a new business in September. Despite these interruptions, I still managed to get some things done.
While I don't have the pressure of National Sewing Month, I'm always creating and will share my discoveries with you as I go.

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