Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Corset Completed!

I just finished my first corset today.  It took a little longer than I expected because there was a chunk of hand sewing involved.  Here's a photo of the back (modeled over my lime green track pants).

I made a mock-up from a commercial pattern and followed the instructions closely.  I'll make adjustments to the next one I make for myself, making the front and rear a little longer.  I'm creating a skirt to wear just beneath the edge of this corset, so I don't mind where it rides.

In the rear view, you can see the modesty panel I made.  It's attached to both sides so I don't have to worry about wriggling a modesty panel into place to cover exposed skin, and I don't have to worry about eating one too many cheeseburgers.  (I didn't adjust it in a mirror before taking the photo, and Andrew didn't know that it needed adjusting when I handed him my camera.)  The grommets (size 0) are a tiny bit bigger than the ones on my corset by Anastasia von Teaserhausen, and the cord is a bit silkier than the cord on my other corset.  This means it's easier to unlace and wriggle out of the corset, but it also means that it loosened between the time I put it on and we snapped the photo.  I may replace the cord with something more like my other corset, but this color was just too awesome.  I have a few months before I intend to use the corset in a number, giving me time to get awesome cord that matches and holds.

From the front, you can see the fancy binding I used on the edges, a wonderful showgirl leftover I got from a fellow dancer backstage a couple years ago.  The fabric on the outside of the corset was an absolute bitch to work with because it shifted so much when I was sewing.  I knew it would shift since I used the same fabric on a dress.  (This is the taffeta I ordered from Shanghai via eBay.  Pretty but awful to work with and pretty damn sheer.)  The corset isn't as cinched as it could be, if only I had better cord.  Also in the photo: a discontinued bra by What Katie Did, my green track pants, and Buster's butt and ear.

I learned a lot from this experience.  For my next corset on my self-imposed internship, I'm making one for a man.  I'm also tackling a couple more underbust corsets (including another one or two for myself) before moving onto overbust corsets.

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