Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remote Act Review Opportunity

I've been performing for just over thirty years.  I've written, directed, acted, produced, designed, cast, sang and danced for audiences.  I've also worked as a vocal coach, won an award for theatre critiques, and I've been teaching dance since 2007.  I have a good understanding of what entertains an audience, and what helps an audience follow an abbreviated story told on stage.  In burlesque, we often have less than five minutes to take them on a journey of discovery, exploration, realization and celebration.  The time limit necessitates shortcuts, and sometimes important story bits get slashed out of the tale.

I work with students privately in Los Angeles on telling the abbreviated story in their striptease without sacrificing the audience's understanding and enjoyment of the acts.  It usually takes three to five sessions to shape the act and get it stage ready (concept to execution), and there's always feedback to implement and homework to do between sessions.  This has made it impossible for me to offer act review on the road; there just isn't the time available to fit in all the needed sessions and the homework for my students to get the best value for their money.  (Doing the homework between sessions gives you the most bang for your buck.)  I couldn't do act review of anyone outside of LA because of these restrictions.

Until now.

Here's how it works:
  1. Fill out this questionnaire about yourself and your act.  Include a private YouTube link to current video footage of the act that needs tweaking.  Once your evaluation fee of $20 is received, your act will be reviewed.
  2. Based on your questionnaire and the video footage you sent, you will receive a written evaluation of your act.  You will get feedback on what works really well, what needs improvement, and suggestions of how to make those improvements so your act tells the story you want your audience to see.
  3. After working on the act, fill out this progress questionnaire.  Include a private YouTube link to latest video footage of the act.  Once your progress evaluation fee of $15 is received, your act will be reviewed.
  4. Based on your progress questionnaire and video footage, you will receive a fresh evaluation of your act.  You can repeat steps 3 and 4 until the act is ready.
  5. Send a final video of the performance for my personal viewing and gratification. No evaluation fee necessary.
A few words about your act:
  • The act can be in any state.  It can be an act you've been doing for years.  It can be a brand-new act that's seen the stage once.  It can be an act concept and a few moves you think will work.  The important thing about the act is that you are open to feedback on the act.
  • The video footage can be from a stage performance or from your living room.  As long as I can see everything you're trying to do on the screen (so don't walk out of frame for the most important part), that's fine.  The reason I ask for private YouTube links is so that your work in progress isn't available publicly until you are ready for a public viewing.
To get the ball rolling, I'm taking FIVE remote act review students AT NO CHARGE for the month of July.  (The purchase option won't be available in my class options until the five students have been selected OR August 1, 2012.)  If you'd like to participate, go fill out the first form now.

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