Friday, October 5, 2012

More Fun With Lasers

I went in for my first timed laser hair removal session yesterday.  I purchased three packages of 30 minutes to finish off the areas I had treated previously.  (I have thick hair on my head, so my stray hair is a bit hearty and stubborn.  Six sessions weren't enough for me in either area.)  My first laser sessions were discount deals for specific areas of the body, and I learned how quickly they treat those areas.  Buying timed sessions made a lot of sense, especially because I hate shaving my legs.

I didn't get as much done as I had hoped in 30 minutes, but I still got quite a bit done.  I got three small areas done (one was the seventh treatment for that area), two medium areas (one was the seventh treatment for that area), and one large area (upper legs).  It helped that I knew the procedure and didn't visit with my laser technician, readily repositioning for best access as quickly as possible.  I'm hopeful that the small areas need no more attention and that I don't need an eighth treatment on a medium area, because I really want to get started on my lower legs.

My recommendation: Get a discount deal for a small area to be sure that it works on your body.  Then buy laser treatment in timed sessions.

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