Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Body Modification: Ultrasonic Cavitation

I'm going to tell you a secret.  It might be shocking, but here goes.  Most people aren't 100% happy with their bodies.  I'm one of them.  If I can "modify" my body to make it look better, to give myself greater confidence and marketability as an entertainer, I'll do it.  I'm not going to do something that could potentially bring greater harm than benefit, but I'm open to tidying up the body.  Diet and exercise don't always work as quickly as I might like.

Saturday I tried ultrasonic cavitation.  I bought a discount deal for around $100 to get an hour of work done.  There were many appeals for me with the ultrasonic cavitation.  I wouldn't have any down time as I would if I had fat surgery.  I also wouldn't have to worry about fat cells returning to more obvious areas as I would if I got actual liposuction.  My hope was that it would smooth out some areas, and that it would kickstart my body's fat loss.  (I have worked out every day so far this year.  I'm not rushing around to prepare for a tour so I'm eating less convenience foods.)  The only condition was that I was supposed to drink a liter of water before treatment.  I drink a lot of water so that part wasn't a problem.

They take measurements of the treatment areas before the procedure.  The treatment itself feels like a warm personal massage device being smoothed along the trouble area.  The machine makes a sound that made my ears ring a bit.  The procedure isn't painful at all.  I was able to work out that afternoon with no problems.

After 30 minutes on my low abs, my measurement actually increased.  After 30 minutes on each thigh, the measurement of each decreased by 1/4".  There is no guarantee that you'll see results after the first session, but I didn't expect the numbers to go the wrong way for the area that took the most time for treatment.  The online claim is that you may see results of up to 1/2" decrease in the first session, and the recommendation is that you get at least six sessions.  Under my rump looks a bit smoother, but not so smooth that the husband even noticed a difference.  (Okay, so he doesn't look at that area the same way I do.  He doesn't pay much attention to my thighs but more what he can find above them.)

It wasn't an unpleasant experience, but I don't think I'd spend full price to do the procedure again.  I'm not trying to move a lot of fat out of my body, so my expectations were much higher for the result.  Maybe I'll try one of those metabolism booster injections next to see if that does anything.

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  1. Weight training! Or isometrics--anything building the muscle up will boost metabolism.

    Of course, you have to repeat this activity frequently. Or so my trainer tells me. Wow. My trainer. :) He's free & comes with the gym at work. I've had exactly 1 workout (which was this week), so I obviously know everything there is to know about fat reduction/removal, nutrition, and dark matter. ;)

    Good luck with whatever you do! I plan on being much lighter and thinner next time we see each other!