Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From 2012 to 2013

Five years as a professional burlesque performer.  Wow.  Every day is a learning experience in this world.  Here's 2012 in review:

Nearly Naked Nutcracker (c) Daniel Work
  • 51 performances in 40 shows.  Slightly less performances and shows than 2011.  This was a bit of a team-building year.  To date, that's 322 performances.
  • Taught a slew of privates.  I also taught some basic burlesque classes in Los Angeles, Hot Springs and Little Rock.  I taught my costume class in Los Angeles and Fresno.  I'm focusing on the private students because I love helping them accomplish their individual visions.
  • Created four major acts. I debuted Butterflies in May after documenting my costume journey.  I put together "One Night With Snapper" after months of sewing swimwear and lingerie, debuting the act in my hometown of Hot Springs.  I debuted a new fan dance and our naughty duet in Dallas a couple weeks ago.  Our "So Wrong It's Right" (Rogers & Lewis) number was supposed to be a minor act, but there was a nice chunk of construction in the costume and prop department.  I whipped out a Laura Ingalls trubute in July.  I largely relied on my established repertoire for this year's shows.
  • Performed at two festivals - Southwest Burlesque Showcase and Dallas Burlesque Festival.  Looking at my personal finances and commitments led me to turning down one festival after I was accepted, and prevented me from applying to any other festivals in 2012.  I figured out my conflicts as early as I could so I wouldn't leave anyone in the lurch.
  • Short touring hops.  I danced in Dallas at the beginning of the year, filling the rest of my festival weekend with photo shoots. I visited Hot Springs once on my own, and hit Hot Springs and Little Rock once with Andrew.  We also toured to Fresno together, and we danced in Albuquerque together.  I love spending time with that man.
  • Always learning.  I got back into a ballet class that was absolutely amazing.  I took a couple ballroom classes.  I also learned how to make lingerie, swimwear, corsets, and draft a few patterns.  I started working with a choreographer for some of my numbers so I could strengthen some of my weaker dance areas.
  • New tools of the trade.  I made new feather fans at the end of the year.  I bought supplies to make corsets and lingerie over the summer so I can make things as needed and can do commissioned pieces on demand.  Andrew got a Dremel to make even cooler props, and we put it to use sanding down a pair of my shoes so I could embellish them.  I bought a second sewing machine, super handy for Andrew to make his nutcracker jacket at home while I made my own costume on my other machine.  (I bought the second machine for downtime at the day job, but it may get more use at home.)
  • Started the Topless Vlog.
  • Featured in Liz Goldwyn's Painted Lady event in Los Angeles.  It was an incredible and unique experience, and I'm glad I was able to do it.
  • Feature in Bachelor Pad Magazine.  I'm delighted that my collaboration with Modern Noir and Vivienne Vermuth made issue 21.
Onto 2013.  What I'd love to have happen:
  • A festival or two, preferably close to home so Andrew and I can both attend.
  • More private students.  I do love working one-on-one.
  • Weekend mini-tours.  I want to visit Arkansas twice this year, hoping for two trips to Dallas, a weekend in Vegas, and who knows what else.
  • Two more event costumes.  I'm starting the build of a technically complicated number that might not be ready until late this year.  I'm also building a wedding dress for my 20th anniversary & rewedding to Andrew.
  • New camera for the Topless Vlog!  My new camera will arrive this week.  Hoping to get new lights for next week.  (I can use the camera to shoot my numbers as well.)
  • Be the best Red Snapper.  Work on myself and creating the best stuff I can.
I love all of the support, all of the kind words, all of you who have followed me on my path.  I hope I continue to keep you entertained for many more years.

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