Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ass Wednesday

It's time for the holiest of days, Ass Wednesday.  Inspired by my friends on Facebook, here are some awesome ass pics and links to ass.

First, I invite you to enjoy this gem from BCJ Photography.  This is a fantastic view of my ass and the audience at the Monday Night Tease Gallery Retrospective.

Here is a shot by Modern Noir Studios of me viewing my feature in Bachelor Pad Magazine.  No panties!

This is another one from Modern Noir.  This is my current Facebook profile pic.  Yes, I'm dressed.

This is from the audience's perspective at the Monday Night Tease Gallery Retrospective.  This is the only one of the shots from Jason Kamimura from that night that you get.  (This is why it's a good idea to get on the list for the events where I tell you there are NO vice laws.)  Note the fantastic look on Lili vonSchtupp's face.

Here's one from SH Photo of Evie Lovelle painting my ass blue at Monday Night Tease.  That's what friends do for each other.

This is from the first time I performed at House of Blues New Orleans as part of New Orleans Burlesque Fest.  Photo by Charlotte Treuse.

And here my ass from the second time I got naked at House of Blues New Orleans for the festival the following year.  Photo by Charlotte Treuse.

Here's a photo by Crazy White Lady Photography.  I'm so modest because I'm holding a veil.

Finishing off the theme, here's a shot by Pez Photo of my first time performing in Chicago.

Happy Ass Wednesday!

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