Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Li'l Snappers For All!

(c) Shannon Cottrell of LA Weekly 2009
Mr. Snapper and I have been making Li'l Snappers to give away when we perform Crocodile Rock since late 2008. We've made hundreds and rehomed them with audience members, and we love hearing tales of the adventures of the Li'l Snappers in different parts of the world. In making so many puppets, we drafted the simplest and best version of the pattern we've used in the past six years.

We're giving it away.

Please use this pattern to make and decorate your own Li'l Snappers when we're performing the show in your town. We love creativity, and we've loved customizing these over the years for every show. (We'll still make them for performances, but making your own is your guaranteed way to get in on the action.)

You can also use this pattern to make your own hand puppets for holiday gifts or puppet shows to get better grades in college language classes. We just ask that you respect the Creative Commons license of the pattern.

Please feel free to send us photos of your creations!

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