Saturday, April 5, 2014

Corset Time: Quick Start & Cheap Pretties

I've decided to time myself constructing a corset from scratch. I plan to teach a class in corset making, so I have to be able to manage the class so the students have completed corsets at the end. This is my journey of making an overbust, and you can follow how long it takes me.

I'm saving time by using a successful pattern. I altered an overbust pattern for my Rewedding corset, and I made a muslin mock-up for a fitting before I made the final garment. I didn't have to fit this pattern again because I know how it fits. This saves me two to three hours in cutting, stitching, lacing, and fitting.  Students won't have this shortcut for their first corset.

It took me two hours to cut the corset pieces and attach the fusible interfacing for the shell. (Delicate fabrics require some support beyond the coutil.) Another thirty minutes and I had the shell fully assembled. I still have to purchase the super sturdy coutil to make the lining. So far it's 2:30 for a fancy shell of satin.

I recently had my sewing machine serviced, and I was reminded by the technician that my machine has some cool embroidery stitches. For under $3 and thirty minutes, I embroidered the seams of the shell with beautiful gold leaves. I pressed all the seam allowances toward the back of the garment and stitched directly on the seams. I would probably use appliqué backing if I was going to do anything with more stitches to further support the fabric. I'll probably use the gold thread on the busk openings.

Next time I'll have the coutil done.

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