Sunday, April 6, 2014

Commercial Sewing Techniques: Batjacket Begins

I've enrolled in a commercial sewing techniques class via Craftsy so I can sew faster and without pins. I'm already saving time by using pattern weights and rotary cutters when I start a project. The class project is a jacket in the same style as a denim jacket. I'm making one of Batman fabric and a second from Kings fabric.

So far I've spent four hours outside of "class" to cut, interface, and start stitching my Batman jacket. There are more than 20 pattern pieces, and I had to be very careful to have the fabric graphic facing the correct direction when cutting the pieces. It's been surprisingly time consuming for a "speedy" project. My hope is that the second jacket goes faster. One thing is for certain: I'm unlikely to make this jacket for a client because the time involved in construction makes it cost prohibitive.

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