Saturday, April 12, 2014

Corset Time: Blue Coutil

My corset materials supplier is RichArd the Thread in Los Angeles. They have oodles of corseted and millinery supplies. I was going to pop in for some natural coutil, but they frequently have coutil of various due lots in stock. It usually comes by the yard, but I lucked into a precut half yard (enough for two overbust corsets for myself). By using the robin's egg blue coutil, I don't need to add a lining layer to the corset. The blue will make a structure and lining layer. (I recommend corsets that are at least two layers for burlesque: fancy outer shell and pretty inner support.  Colored insides of garments make them more lovely and theatrical when removed. Your garments look less off the rack that way.)

I also picked up a brass busk for a couple dollars more than the regular busk. Brass will look nicer with the gold embroidered stitches I put on the shell seams. I scoped out a grommet machine while I was at Richard the Thread's because grommeting is so time consuming. I think that may be the next tool we add to the Snapper home. In the meantime, I'll have to grommet by hand.

I cut and stitched together the coutil layer in an hour. Next step is to drop in some boning channels and prepare the front for the busk.

Not including the shopping or embroidery time, I've spent 3:30 on this corset.

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