Saturday, April 19, 2014

Commercial Sewing Techniques: Batjacket Rises

And just in time for Easter! I've been so busy with myriad projects I haven't updated the progress of this jacket. It took me another five hours since the last posting (not including Craftsy lesson viewing) to install the yokes, pockets, sleeves, and cuffs. That time also included plenty of topstitching and pressing, buttonholes and button sewing. Ten hours for one jacket.

I learned so many things on this project. It was totally with the investment. I can't wait to buy a clapper and a point presser to make my other projects go even faster.  
I took out the patterns for my next three (already patterned) sewing projects and rewrote the instructions so I get through those projects faster.

Looks like it's time to make room in my closet for the next sewing projects!

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