Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Corset Time: Finished

I put in another two hours on the corset to bring it to completion. That's 10:45 for an overbust corset from a pattern I've used (and fitted) previously. I'd say to allow twenty hours for constructing a brand new corset, giving time for multiple fittings and inevitable learning errors.

The hand stitching of the bias tape is fairly time consuming, especially when you're trying to use your non-dominant hand like me.

I'm also a fan of the modesty panel. The first custom corsets I'd seen had modesty panels attached to one side inside the corset. I helped many performers tug the modesty panel into place so you wouldn't see any flesh under the laces, but the tugging didn't work so well when their bodies were a smidge fuller than the modesty panel would cover. (One quarter inch of bare back is pretty obvious when you have so many precise lines with a corset.)

I don't like having to rely on someone else to dress me backstage. I also don't want to look like I've outgrown my corset because of the sliver of skin to one side in the back. I make full coverage modesty panels that will cover most of my back (roughly 11" across). For this silky fabric, I interfaced one side so it would have some durability. I topstitched the panel closed and used the topstitching as my guide for hand sewing the panel to the corset.

The panel is attached just outside the grommets and inside the rear bones. You have to be careful with this so you don't sew the modesty panel in the way of where your laces will go. When I put on the corset with the secured modesty panel, a tug at the top and the bottom of the panel will dress the back nicely before and after cinching.

I'll give a fancier photo of the finished product later. I was so excited that I wanted to share my timed project!

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