Sunday, July 20, 2014

BHOF Weekend Crafting Challenge - Results

For Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion Weekend this year, I was stuck at home again. I proposed a crafting challenge for the folks who were at home, theoretically twiddling their thumbs: use the weekend to make one dress, one hair flower, and one pair of pasties. I got my dress hemmed in the week after BHOF, but I got everything else done in that Thursday through Sunday period. (I finally got a photo of the completed dress yesterday.)

The hair flowers were cheap flowers I picked up at WalMart in May. I had all the other supplies (including rhinestones in the right colors.)

I bought the fabric months ago, and planned to turn it into either a dress or curtains. I had the pattern on hand from one of those fantastic pattern sales at JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago. I bought the zipper and replenished my coral thread; those were my out-of-pocket expenses.

I went out-of-pocket the most on the pasties. I had to buy the flowers for the pasties because it was for a costume that was due a couple weeks later.

I may do this again next year whether I'm at BHOF or not. It was incredibly productive and not very expensive. I hope some of you got some crafting done for this challenge as well.

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