Wednesday, July 9, 2014

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I focus on the audience when I perform. Without them, I wouldn't have a job. I try not to let on when something goes wrong. (If something goes so wrong they notice, I tend to acknowledge it, smile, and move on.)

When I was in Fresno a couple weeks ago, I did my new California Sunset. The number involves crawling ... in fishnets. If you've worn fishnets, you know how uncomfortable this can be. But I wanted this choreography so I just roll with it. I was fine Friday night.  Saturday night I had a small issue.  I got backstage after my number, a bit winded because I'm working my way through some severe anemia, trying to catch my breath and even out my heart rate. I had a pastie that was about to pop off. I sat down and fished out my bikini top for curtain call so I could avoid any pastie pop issues. I know we're doing group photos and photos with patrons after curtain call, so I put away my costume pieces so it would be easier to roll out when the patrons were gone. As I'm folding and hanging things, I noticed my knee is bleeding. It wasn't dripping with blood and there's no pain, but it's noticeable on my fishnets. The final performer was almost finished and curtain call was next and my knee had a blood spot.

Time to do a quick patch job so I could pose for photos and patrons wouldn't focus on my injury. I carry a container of bandages in my handbag. (I got the container from my doctor's office. I recommend you take advantage of the little promotional freebies that could be useful.) I pulled down a thigh high, sprayed my little wound with some antibacterial spra,y and slapped a bandage over it. I then spit on my thumb and forefinger and massaged the blood stain out of my fishnets. (Your own saliva will remove your own bloodstains.) Rolled the fishnet back in place (with backseam), and made it onto the stage in time for my spot in curtain call. No one noticed, no one commented. I don't think I even mentioned it to the other dancers.

I took the picture when I got home on Sunday. You can see the scrape and some bruising. The important thing is that the audience didn't. :)

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