Sunday, June 10, 2012

Month of Sundays: Week Two

My brunch plans aren't really working out.  I have to book my studio time more than sixteen hours in advance.  I'm working on next week's booking now, in hopes I can do a proper brunch next weekend.

My studio time was great.  I haven't worked on the costume changes I noted needed to be made last weekend, so I spent an hour working with my fans.  I tried out my silk fans again and got a splinter. :(  I'll have to hit the bamboo staves with a nail file.  I ran my Flower Duet number (sans costume), and I started roughing in some choreography for the number I'm taking to Texas in December.  I had a brilliant costume idea for that number, so the hour was well spent.

I'm hopeful I can get my costume repairs done and get my scheduling settled so next weekend ends in brunch.  Fingers crossed.  I really want to talk burlesque with the strippers of my city outside of a gig.

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