Saturday, June 9, 2012

Month of Sundays: Week One

I'm experimenting this month to see if I can get a ritual going.  Every Sunday I'm booking studio time to work on some aspect of my performance, and I'm doing brunch sometime before or after with burlesque discussion as the focus of my brunch.  Last Sunday I had a morning event and my studio time wasn't brunch convenient, so I had to lunch.

I attended a lecture on sexuality in America before lunch.  I'll get into that later.  Because of my scheduling issues, it was just Mr. Snapper and I for lunch and discussion.  We talked about sexuality, nudity, and the limits in burlesque performances.  (The night before we saw a play where one character was fully nude for several minutes of the second act, so that was fresh on our minds.)  I'm hoping to have bigger brunches with fellow performers to discuss these kinds of things.  Maybe I can schedule better for tomorrow.

I spent my studio time working on my newest number.  I haven't rehearsed the number since I performed it for a second time in front of an audience a month ago, spending that time thinking about the piece in great detail.  I watched the video from my second performance before I hit the studio so I could see what worked and how the audience responded.  I made a list of adjustments I need to make to the costume so it works even better.  I altered a few small things in the choreography.  I also *gasp* asked Mr. Snapper for feedback on the number.  Live performance is a constantly evolving thing.  There was no way to know exactly how the audience would respond without having that audience.  My goal is to entertain the audience, so I have to make adjustments so they get the best experience possible.

I need to get the next three weeks booked at the studio now so I can better plan for brunch.  If this works well, it may become a regular thing for me.

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