Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bra Flop

Here it is: my first bra constructed with proper lingerie materials.  The bra kit included quality materials, but the instructions were confusing.  It seems that every step had to be undone and redone because I was so confused.  As a result of my confusion, I would trim seam allowances then realize I had to seam rip and restitch many things.  I probably should've made bigger cups, and it didn't help that I likely lost some room from the seam issues.  My cup wires are too small (because I ordered them too small).  The hooks on the back look janky.  This isn't a bra I can wear unless I lose a cup size or two.

But I knew it wouldn't be perfect right out of the gate.  I do have a pattern I can use to make a nude underbra (in the correct size with the right wires).  I'm sure I could make a better bra next time.  This was my first time to sew with a ball needle.  It was my first time to machine sew around metal. I made my mistakes on this project and not on a costume bra.  I learned more about lingerie fabrics that support, stretch, and corral.  I spent about $10 on the pattern and about $10 on the kit of materials; I've paid more for things that weren't as educational.  I also learned the order for putting a bra together from scratch.

I'm going to collect up the supplies to make this same pattern in nude so I can wear it in venues where I need my sinful underboob covered to comply with vice laws.  I still have to pattern the full coverage bra from another bra I have, using what I learned from this experience to make something good.

I just got a book on how to make corsets in the mail.  I really hope that my first corset doesn't turn out this janky.

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  1. practice makes perfect! i'm sure next time will be a smoother process.