Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waterfall Fans

I received a wonderful late birthday present from my friend Chase McKenna: silk fans.  She selected the perfect set in shades of blue.  They look like water; or at least, they will when I'm used to them.

I've been working with feather fans for five years, and these fans are definitely a challenge.  First, they're both right-hand fans so the left-hand gets confused by the contrary staves.  Second, it takes more work to keep the silk rippling.  With feather fans, I tend to let them float from position to position.  Constant motion is required to keep the tails of the fans from dragging the ground.  Third, Buster thinks they're a game.  As I whipped the fans around to get a feel for them, my LBD (little boy dog) propped himself on his hind legs and tried to catch the tails in his mouth.  We've gotten past that with the feather fans, but the feather fans don't have such long tails.

I have no plans for a number incorporating the fans yet.  I think a new feather fan dance is going to happen first.  But I will keep working with them until I can make them look like swirling water and have confidence using them in a number.

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