Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Leftover Showgirl

For the BHOF fundraiser last night, Andrew and I donated a pair of pasties and a puppet for the raffle.  Because we're such busy people, I had intended to just give a naked puppet to the raffle.  (I assume that people like to give the puppet a personality first, then accessorize.)  On Wednesday night, naked puppet mostly done, Andrew said we needed to do something to make the puppet more burlesque themed.  His exact words were: "We need to tart the puppet up a bit."  We had one rushed evening to tart up the puppet before the raffle.

I scoured through my box of trim to see what I had on hand that matched fabric I had.  I wound up using leftover painted strips of English net from my panels and a smidge of extra fabric from the larger panels.  The net bra has spare rhinestones from Andrew's disco undies and beaded trim from my fourth burlesque costume ever.  The feathers on her head were from the order I made for my first feather fans back in 2007.  Her eyelashes were from a collection passed to me by Evie.  I cheated and used glues on the costume instead of sewing, but we used thread to tack the costume onto the puppet.

I'm pleased with the Leftover Showgirl.  It's stuff like this that keeps us from throwing away the tiniest bits of leftover fabric and trim.

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