Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laser Hair Removal - Five Months Later

I'm five months into my laser hair removal in a couple strategic places.  When I started, I had hoped to be done by now.  Of course, I still have one visit left on each of my two discount deals.  (Discount deals are the best way to see if the procedure will work for you.)

I have less hair returning after so many treatments.  I have less ingrown hairs than I did with waxing and shaving.  The hair that does grow back tends to be thinner.  I have to shave less frequently, making travel so much easier.  (I remember having days in a row of shoots and shows where I had to shave my underarms every day.  The first day everything was fine, but trying to shave the Fred Flintstone away on the following days left my armpits looking and feeling like hamburger meat.)  Everything is far more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the lasering.

Once I finish my discount deals, I'm going to purchase timed treatments.  You can get anything you want lasered in the time you buy.  In thirty minutes, I can get them to touch up the areas I've had done already and work on some other areas.  My plan is to do my legs (which I've been shaving since I was ten due to peer pressure) and random hairs with the timed treatments.  It'll be fantastic to travel without a razor.

For my performer friends who hate shaving, there are often deals on discount websites for laser service.  For the cost of three Brazilian waxes, I got six laser sessions for my good time as a discount deal.  If your hair color/skin tone will work with the laser, I can't recommend it enough.

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