Sunday, November 27, 2011

Set Phasers to NONE!

This may seem a bit intimate, but I share this with you, dear reader, because I know people have questions and don't always have the easiest time getting answers.  This is especially pertinent for entertainers.

For many years, I've gone to waxers so I'd have a clean "canvas."  I had a wonderful aesthetician named Jenik in the Valley for a few years, but I changed jobs and the Valley was no longer convenient.  For the past year or so, I've been visiting Simona, a delightful and efficient gal.  But the money adds up over time, and I'd rather spend that money on costumes or travel.  I started considering laser hair removal.

I have a friend with light skin and dark hair (perfect for lasering) who has had great success with it.  I have another friend whose skin and hair tones are close to my own, and she said she's noticed a significant difference.  When the Groupon deal came up for a groovy laser deal, I jumped on it.  It would cost less than four Brazilians to get six laser treatments on the same area with the deal.  I recognize that I may have to purchase additional treatments to be completely hairless, but I also might be smooth as a cue ball within my six sessions.

As part of the preparation, I had to shave my lady junk.  I've never shaved my lady junk, so I took my time and had two excellent tools on my side.  First, I followed the advice of Pin Curl Magazine to get the perfect shave.  (I skipped the anti-perspirant step at the end because I was going to get lasered an hour later.)  Second, I used a Noxema bikini razor for the tenderest of my lady bits.  It has a bit of a safety guard below the blades so you don't get important parts caught in the razor.  The shaving was the scariest part of the entire procedure for me.  Thankfully, I should only have to do it a few more times.

When I was seated by the nurse, she asked if I burned in the sun.  Since I do, they were able to set the phasers -- er, lasers -- on a high setting for most of the procedure.  I was slathered with aloe gel and she started the procedure.  It felt like rubber band snaps but the discomfort didn't linger as it sometimes does with waxing.  The most sensitive parts were the conventional postage stamp area, the inch and a half they reference in Team America World Police, and the backdoor.  It took about ten minutes for the procedure, and I was out the door as if nothing happened.  Sure, I'll be intimate with the antibacterial ointment for a few days to promote healing, but that's it.  I go back in four to six weeks for my second round.

Now I just have to keep my eyes out for more deals for the other areas that need to be hairless.  It would be wonderful to never have to shave my legs again.

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