Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My First Burlesque Costume From 2007

This is another gem from my regular ol' boring person blog from this date in 2007.  I post this to show you what I went through as a baby dancer, how I struggled with costumes and found solutions.  I hope this helps you feel less alone in your endeavors. :)


I worked really hard a few months ago on my Red Snapper costume. The goal was for it to be my first performance costume and become something of a signature piece. I had to slap it together because I needed some sort of costume for burlesque camp back in August. The bra was a challenge to unhook and the corset was laden with problems. While I made it from scratch, I didn't use stretchy fabric so it didn't fit like it needed to. I also had to add an extra panel so I could close it since the finished form was so tight. The boning would poke out and scratch me. It was lovely, but I needed something else. My little ruffle skirt has an elastic waist and isn't as easy to pull off as I need.

I decided to do some revamping. A couple classes with burlesque costumers taught me to put ties on the bra so it's easier to remove. I bought an underbust corset that zips up the front (also for ease of removal). I have a wrap-around skirt to bang out some time this weekend so I can cover my tail but easy removal. I'm removing the trim from this outfit and I've taken the rhinestones and already put them on the new get-up. In one class, I was told that if you look at the costume and wonder if you've decorated it too much, then it's time to decorate it even more. I used the same bra, gloves and panties but they're embellished with fringe, beads, ruffles and rhinestones. I'll post new pictures as soon as I can take them.

Note from 2011: This number did not become a signature anything.  I find that a signature piece winds up being something you're known for doing all the time.  I abandoned the song I originally wanted to use because it didn't quite feel right for this outfit.  With this costume I wanted to make a costume that said "burlesque!" very obviously.  I later found that was unnecessary.  I still use the crinoline, hacked up the bustier for parts and sold the gloves as part of the next edition of this costume.  I also sold the wig.  My small forehead doesn't lend itself to wigs without bangs.

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