Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 78/100 - Argentine Tango 3 of 6

"I wouldn't swap partners if I knew you'd be left alone in the corner to pleasure yourself." - Mr. Snapper

We missed last week's class since I had a lot of preparation to do and I was flying out early the next morning for a whirlwind tour of Arkansas.  Since it was the second class, I didn't anticipate we'd miss out on much.  We reviewed the dance hold versus the student  hold and worked on our basic at the beginning of class.  It seems like there were five to ten less people in the class than the first week.  Mr. Snapper and I did our round of dance at the very beginning of class.  Then it was time to switch partners.  (Of course, we had a couple trying to ram into us for that first round of dance, chasing us across the floor like they were ghosts in a game of Pac Man.)

I passed over two couples who wouldn't swap partners and wound up with a nice guy.  We did the basic for a few minutes and laughed.  Switch.

My next partner was a lady.  She was sweet but a bit frail.  I was afraid I'd hurt her in the student hold, and I didn't feel like I was being lead.  (As a dance partner, I require a firm hand so I don't have to back lead.)  Time to work on the front ochos.  Awesome.  So we briefly learned our forward ochos.  This sweet lady wouldn't let me complete my ochos so I wound up just twisting in place.  Switch.

No partner this time.  Great.  I brought my own partner and now I'm stuck without one.  Oh, and this part really required a partner.  Awesome.  So I tried working on my ochos but I don't have a partner to help support my weight for the turns.  I'm also potentially developing bad habits.  Great.  Switch.

I passed the girl who had the outfit in the first class and her partner.  (She looked pretty worn out last night and wasn't wearing an outfit.  I was surprised.)  Back to my nice guy partner for another round.  So we did forward ochos briefly.  Switch.

My next partner was an older fellow who knew how to lead a woman.  He gave me some good pointers for my back ochos.  The bumper car couple from the beginning of the evening didn't notice there were other students in the class and nearly crashed into us.  We also had a couple late-comers who seemed to be making love on the dance floor and they almost got their love juices on us.  (I really hate when people aren't even making an attempt at being conscientious of other people's space.  They didn't even apologize for the crashing at the beginning of the night.)  I was sad when my dance ended with the older fellow because he was a great partner.  Switch.

Back to the same nice guy.  What the hell?  I mean, he was nice and all, but where did all the partners go and how did he wind up in my path three times?!  He wasn't sure how to switch me from front ochos to back ochos and the teacher disappeared so we couldn't ask any questions.  Laughing our way through back ochos, we were hoping to get the teacher's attention when he returned to the classroom.  I almost told my partner we needed to look as remedial as possible so we could get some help, but that might have made  him feel bad so I didn't.  (Of course, looking remedial was still no guarantee we would've gotten the teacher's attention.)  Switch.

Finally, back to my beloved.  We danced and crashed into the bumper car couple.  (Mr. Snapper said it wasn't on purpose, but it sure did seem like it.)  He was frustrated from all the limp noodle partners and the lack of correction and assistance from the teacher during the class.  He was also frustrated that nice girls who permit others to dance with their partners wind up pleasuring themselves in the corner alone.  We had one good dance with each other before class was over.

What will next week hold?  Will I be a bitch and refuse to swap partners so I don't wind up in the corner?  Will I wear an outfit?  Will the teacher correct us as necessary?  Only time will tell.

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