Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 79/100 - Stretch Zone

I was out of commission for nearly a week from the sinus flu.  I missed hip hop, tango and Slimmons last week, setting me back significantly in my hundred classes and not helping my waistline during the biggest eating holiday of the year.  I think I may finally commit to a flu shot this year.

Through hard work and careful negotiating, I managed to get my day job schedule to accommodate my need for dance classes and costume time.  This morning was the first day of my new schedule, so gal pal Evie Lovelle and I hit Bill's Stretch Zone.  I've talked about Bill many times before.  He's just an amazing guy.

Doing little more than drinking, eating and blowing my nose for a week, I really needed a good stretch.  Bill has incredible taste in music, so the selections playing the the background make me feel longer and leaner.  I felt much brighter and much happier after class.  I'm hoping I can keep this on my weekly schedule.

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