Monday, May 6, 2013

My Final Reveal: Bussy & Hair Doodles

Here is my little Bussy and my hair doodles.  I took this before he started wiggling because he was overwhelmed by the fabulousness.

I needed two hair accessories for this piece.  One of them is removed during the number, the second stays in my hair for the duration of the number.  I spent thirty minutes testing potential bits to see what looked good together, and to see what looked best with my final reveal panties.  I replaced the stones on one of the bows I bought and stitched a spare chunk of boa to the back.  Once it's glued to a clip, that will be the piece that stays in my hair.  I cut a length of lingerie elastic leftover from the top of my girdle skirt to turn into a headband.  I attached a spare flower I purchased when I bought the applique trim, and I may add a few rhinestones to the flower to unify the two hair accessories.  The headband will be removed during the number.

I may just buy a couple more of those ready-made bows for the shoes because they're the perfect color.

Total spent to date: $218.07 and 39:00.

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