Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Final Reveal: Down Time

I'm a huge fan of taking full advantage of one's down time.  Work hard, play hard.  I'm fortunate that I can pack up little projects and work on them in my down time at the ol' day job.

Today I dealt with the problem of my loose shoes.  I cut two pieces of felt-backed lingerie elastic and glued each inside a shoe.  They're pulled a little tight so they hold the shoes in place.  I hot glued the elastic on each side, then touched up the middle so I don't slip my foot through the elastic when I put the shoes back on in my choreography.  With my heel cushions sitting in the back of the shoe, I did a fitting.  I then applied the adhesive heel cushions when I knew the fit was good.  I'm going to cover the elastic with a couple more bows when I pick them up.

I attached the clip to the back of the frouffy bow and put rhinestones on the flower.  I still have to drop a seam in the elastic that will hold the flower. That will finish up the hair accessories.  Today's projects took about thirty minutes.

Total spent to date: $218.07 and 39:30.

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