Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snapper Rewedding: Joy and Pain

Joy: Batman wedding garter
I'm deep into costuming mode for the rewedding.  There are things I have to make for myself (corset, skirt, unders & pasties), things I have to make for participants (bras & panties with panel skirts), and things I have to make for the audience (like the toss bouquet I made a couple weeks ago).  After some challenges with elastic lace and following a tutorial that didn't turn out as I wished, I finally found a winning formula for the garters.

Yes.  That's the Batman symbol because Andrew is Batman in another show, and he's a huge fan of Batman.  Why not really personalize the garter?  The lace is some leftover vintage lace I was given by a dear friend that I used floral spray paint to color for the trim beneath the ostrich boas on my robe.  I bought a roll of 100 yards of aqua ribbon for $8 and have used that for almost everything I've done.  The rosette is from an unsuccessful purchase of flowers for snapper finger puppets; the flowers are just too big for the finger puppets.  The coral ribbon is from the feather fans I made for Bukowski.  I had some elastic in my supply boxes.  Once I found the right set of instructions I was able to crank out two in less than an hour.

That's right.  Two garters.  One is for keeping, and one is for tossing into the audience.  I really want the audience to have a great time and to be able to take home memories from this show.  I couldn't scrimp on the toss garter.

Pain: water damage & gluey shoes
I hunted eBay for a great pair of shoes with a low enough heel that I could move well in them.  I found these dyed shoes for under $12 with shipping included.  The description said they were floor samples, so there would be light wear and tear.  I don't recall seeing any photos of the glue stains I discovered when I opened the envelope of shoes yesterday.  I tried to scrub the spots away with a toothbrush, assuming they were dirt.  That didn't work.  I then hit them with the tiniest bit of water.  That washed away some of the dye.  Shit.

You would think that I would know about the care of dyed shoes.  Nope.  I wore black pleather shoes to all of the proms I attended.  I wore white pleather shoes at the first wedding.  I tend to wear leather, pleather, or embellished shoes.  This is my first pair of dyed "satin" shoes.

So with a little bit of water I fucked up my shoes.  Good thing I bought more rhinestones Saturday so I can hide that shit with sparkle.  Since the shoes are "satin," I can use GemTac instead of E6000.  I wasn't expecting to have this as a chore, so I'm going to try to make the most of it.  My plan is to cover the toes and the heels because that's where the damage is.  Fingers crossed it works.

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