Thursday, November 3, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Setting Powder

I've been upgrading my cosmetics and skin care collection over the past several months. I've long admired the Atomic Cosmetics line from afar. When Dr. Jen came to visit Los Angeles earlier this year, I spent as much as I could on product. I really believe in her products. Since I've been able to try many things I figured I'd share my product reviews with you on Thursdays

Atomic Cosmetics: Setting Powder
I apply with a fluffy brush. Tap the brush out before dusting.

I got my first stage makeup kit when I was sixteen and doing theatre. I bought a Mehron pancake kit that had a white setting powder. I loved that setting powder because it wasn't pressed Cover Girl. It was so fine that it was great for setting my face. I got some Ben Nye setting powder in college and used the hell out of it. The fine powder worked wonderfully when we did fantasy and animal makeup in makeup design class. I lived in Arkansas and the internet wasn't really a thing so mail order made replenishing my stock difficult. Last year I bought some E.L.F. high definition powder that was really fine.

Mehron, Ben Nye and E.L.F. all list talc as the first ingredient. Talc was part of an ovarian cancer lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson earlier this year. Talc is linked to cancer. You might think that you just use a little so it can't be that big of a deal. How frequently do you powder your face? Some of that is going to get into your lungs, no matter how well you hold your breath. Stage performers wear a lot of powder over a career. How many containers  of setting powder/translucent powder have you purchased over your lifetime?

Atomic Cosmetics Setting Powder contains no talc. It has two ingredients: mica and aloe vera powder. No aluminum, no garbage, no filler. It's so fine that it's wonderful for setting makeup. A container lasts for a long time because you don't need to load your brush with much. It's very lightweight.

I love Atomic's Setting Powder I've been using the white 3-ounce for several months and barely made a dent in it. I feel that using better products has contributed to my overall health.

I understand sunk cost bias where you invest money into something and resist change because you invested so much money into that thing. If you have a large container of drugstore powder and you can't think of throwing it out, use that crappy powder to set body makeup on your arms, back and legs. (Don't use it around any mucous membranes.) Get some of this stuff for your face. Seriously.

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