Thursday, December 8, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Dude Lotion

Small gifts and stocking stuffers are perfect excuses to introduce someone to products you enjoy. They're also a great way to encourage behaviors you like. (I think this is part of the reason we got toothbrushes and socks in our stocking on more than one occasion as I was growing up.)

Atomic Cosmetics: Dude Lotion

In the medicine cabinet, of course.

Mr. Snapper hates lotion as a general rule. He doesn't like having "sauce" on his hands or body. It's taken me years to find a moisturizer he's willing to use on his face (a post-shave lotion that has a consistency he can handle).

I asked him to try out Dude Lotion and give me a dude's opinion. It smells fantastic to me but I use Skin Zen. He's the best and was willing to give it a shot for my blog. (I got a big sample from Dr. Jen a couple months ago.)

Here's his assessment:
Dude Lotion is fantastic. Good thickness, pleasant citrus-y smell. Not sticky-disgusting or quick to evaporate away. It's in the sweet spot. The dispenser is fantastic. Good coverage, too.
The dispenser is a big deal. Ease of use means it actually gets used.
Dude Lotion comes in four sizes and is very reasonably priced. If you know a dude who needs some moisturizer but doesn't like hassle or wearing "sauce," get him some of this stuff.

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