Thursday, December 1, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Winter Skin Survival Kit

It's time to do your holiday shopping if you're a gift giver. It's also time to treat yourself for making it through 2016. I have a recommendation for you.

Atomic Cosmetics: Winter Skin Survival Kit
Skin Zen body butter, Body Balm & Lipvana lip balm

I have dry, sensitive skin. I take hotter showers when the weather gets cooler. I get pretty itchy during the winter months.

I wash my hands constantly. I'm also busy rubbing off my natural body oils when I sew. Even non-toxic rhinestone glue takes its toll on my skin. My hands are damn dry. Sometimes they snag fabric because they're so damn dry.

I'm a lip balm addict. My lips hurt if I'm without my lip balm for more than a few hours. I wake in the night and apply at least once. I have a terrible reaction to many lip balm products that are available. There are only two or three brands I can use.

The Winter Skin Survival Kit helps with all of these issues. Skin Zen body butter moisturizes my itchy skin. I don't have to apply multiple layers to experience benefit. Body Balm helps my weary hands. I'll apply some right before bed so my hands are softer in the morning. Lipvana doesn't make my lips peel, unlike so many other products. (One tube of Lipvana lasts me about two and a half weeks.) The kit also includes Dr. Jen's Dirty Baker's Dozen list of toxic ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and skin care products. It all comes in an adorable chiffon bag.

I'm not a huge fan of fragranced products from over-the-counter products. It seems like makeup and lotions from major manufacturers have determined that women want to smell like the fragrance contained in feminine hygiene products. It's terrible. I love that these products don't stink. The fragrance is natural and gentle. It isn't designed to mask the horrible chemicals in the product. The light scents work well together.

There are two more fantastic things about this kit. First, it's really affordable. Each kit is a whopping $10. You can get one for yourself without feeling guilty about the price. Second, you can donate kits to homeless folks via the website. You can donate a few kits and get a gift with your donation.

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