Thursday, December 22, 2016

Atomic Thursday: No Baggage

I didn't blog last way since I was traveling to Texas for my fifth year in Nearly Naked Nutcracker. Oops!

Atomic Cosmetics: No Baggage

I missed this so much over the weekend.

The older I get, the more obvious it is when I don't get enough sleep. Traveling always does it to me. Time zone changes, show preparation, having to be "on" for longer than I am for local gigs, poor eating habits (too few veggies, eating too few actual meals a day) all take their toll on my face. There's a photo of me from last weekend's shows where you can count the eye bags.

I neglected to pack No Baggage.

One drop of this stuff packs the necessary punch to wake up the under eye area. (I used to have hemorrhoid cream in my early twenties for the same thing but who wants to use butt cream by the eyes?) It smells nice and improves the appearance of the under eye area when the world fights your attempts to rest.

If you work in an office after a late night gig, get some of this stuff. It won't make up for the lack of sleep but it will pep up your face.

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