Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CBF: Ultimate Self Confidence with World Famous *BOB*

When I saw Jo Boobs in Boston, she told me I absolutely had to take this class if I had the opportunity.  Since I consider WWJBD when I'm faced with challenges as a performer, I hopped right on it when I saw *BOB* was teaching at Colorado Burlesque Festival.  I'm pretty confident in life and as a performer, but I know there's always room to improve and more to learn.  Maybe I'd pick something up to help other people in my life that are having trouble.  And to tell you the truth, the people who've taken the class were very tight lipped about the content but very enthusiastic about the class.

Here is exactly what happens in this super secretive class: Twelve (and only twelve) students are guided through exercises to improve self confidence.  There's theory, practical and discussion, much like any good informational class.  There is a movement portion, but I wouldn't classify it as a dance class since you don't spend any of the class rolling around on the floor stretching and you can wear a dress to class.  I came out of the class understanding my own confidence Kryptonite and I got some tools to draw strength from a metaphorical sun.  I noticed my fellow students left the class brighter and happier than when we were queued up before class.  *BOB* provides a very safe and nurturing environment for students to consider their personal confidence Kryptonite, whether it's performance-related or real world-based.

This class is perfect for women who interact with people.  There's not a coed class or a class for men currently.  You can tell in the class that *BOB* really loves what she does.  Caring, warm, approachable and genuine, she's the perfect instructor for a class like this.  If you see it offered anywhere, sign up ASAP because it does sell out.

One specific thing I can share that I learned is the definition of courage.  In order to have courage and be brave, you have to face something that scares you.  As a performer, I'm not courageous with the numbers I do.  I've been entertaining people for over 30 years so I have nothing on getting up in front of people.  I do, however, have courage in other parts of life.  I have to be brave this Thursday since I'm getting IV sedation for the first time ever  when I get my remaining wisdom teeth removed; this seriously freaks the crap out of me.  I'm sure all will be fine and I can look back on that moment as a courage reference when something in the future is scary.  This class helped me figure out how to regard moments of bravery and what courage actually is.

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