Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cooties on the Go

I do what I can to avoid getting sick, especially around travel dates. I've been surrounded by sick people at work and at shows for the past few weeks; it's no surprise I finally caught the summer cold on Monday.

I'm already screwed when it comes to the common cold. I have asthma medication as a preventative measure when I'm doing some very dancetastic numbers. That medication is so toxic that mixing it with cold medicine within a week of using the inhaler could kill me. I only take cold meds when I know I'm not dancing for at least a week.

I had to combat this sucker naturally. I started taking Zicam spray on Tuesday and I haven't let up yet. I had lots of green tea. I also immediately started consuming honey. Honey is miraculous and helps the body heal. It also instantly soothes a sore throat.

Honey is a perfect throat balm for travel. Pop by any coffee kiosk on the go, order something, and pocket three or four honey packets for later. Whenever your throat gets sore, open a packet and suck it down. Honey's also great when your blood sugar gets low.

With a handful of honey packets, a ziploc bag full of soft tissues, and a suitcase stash of honey, I'm going to whip this cold's ass while traveling, studying and dancing.
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  1. Thank you for the well wishes. I recovered fairly quickly, and I credit you for part of it. :)