Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dance Class Challenge: 100/100 - Hourglass Workout

My Saturday to-do list started off with heading over to Slimmons and sweating my ass off for class 100, then going to Hooters to celebrate.  My stomach disagreed with leaving the house, so I did my off-day hourglass workout. The routine is getting easier.  Of course, I think I counterbalanced my hard work with two beers, some fried pickles, and half a slice of 970 calorie pie yesterday.  Oops.

I learned a lot from setting up this challenge for myself:
  • Life is full of curve balls.  I had so many plans for classes I was going to take.  Job offers came along, busy schedules, injuries and illnesses, cancelled classes, unavailable funds, classes that would not get repeat business from me.  December slapped me around with car repairs and closed studios.  I had to get clever to reach my goals.
  • No one else is going to do it for me.  No one is going to go to class for me or motivate me to get off my ass to make my dreams come true.  I have to do the work.  Despite the curve balls, I managed to make it happen.  I didn't have anyone forcing me to do it, just my own urge to get it done.
  • Just because someone is a great dancer, that doesn't make them a great teacher.  I took some shit classes (in my opinion) from some nice people who were lovely dancers but didn't know how to pass that knowledge over to other people.  And some classes are more like cults where the teacher insists on touching you with his creepy, creepy hands.
  • I didn't lose a single pound all year.  I've put my hourglass workout in place so I can get fit and stay fit, eating the things I like but still fitting my costumes and being pleased with my naked photographs.  Just because I dance and take dance classes doesn't mean I'm working off every piece of food I eat.
  • I hate classes that don't teach clear-cut technique.  I don't take dance classes to "feel" music.  I want to leave having learned something new.  I also hate it when the teacher doesn't know what they planned to teach that day.  (I don't care if they refer to choreography notes, because choreo notes show they at least had some kind of plan.)  I hate it when the teacher doesn't select the music before the class.  (We do live in a time of digital media.  Make a fucking playlist BEFORE class and use your iPod for teaching.)
  • I have some great people who were very supportive of my journey.  They didn't do the work for me, but they worked out with me when I needed a buddy.  Andrew and Evie both joined me on legs of my journey.
 2012 won't hold a dance class challenge for me.  I have my workout to get fit, and I'm going to take some classes for technique.  Ballet is on my agenda, more classes with Uncle Dicky, and more social dance classes with Andrew.  I'll continue my education at burlesque festivals, and I'll keep trying out new dance videos and sharing what I find. 

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